Consumer Protection Website Helps Inform Consumers About Class Action Lawsuits, Settlements, Recalls, and More

October 22 15:28 2021

Consider The Consumer announces at their website launch that their consumer protection platform intends to help inform the general public about the different types of marketing fraud and scams while also diving deep into class action lawsuits and class action settlement news. The website also focuses on rectifying consumer complaints, along with helping consumers nationwide retrieve their class action settlement checks.

Consumers are misled, lied to, and ripped off on a daily basis. While some companies may be ethical and honest about defective products that need to be recalled, there are others whose business models are to rip-off and pickpocket consumers. CTC aims to level the playing field against these manipulative and deceptive businesses by exposing their wrongdoings. 

Consider The Consumer believes that informed and knowledgeable consumers can better protect themselves and others from scams and misleading advertising.

The website provides extensive information about ongoing and settled class action lawsuits, encouraging consumers to speak up if they have been victims of any of these. Over the last few years of operation, Consider The Consumer has helped hundreds of thousands of consumers with class action lawsuits, and their settlement process. 

By shining a light on business misbehavior and fraudulent acts, CTC hopes to make these bad businesses think, stop, and realize that doing the right thing can actually be more advantageous to their business than misleading and deceiving consumers.

The website publishes all sorts of helpful information – consumer guides, legal guides, write ups on consumer class action lawsuits and settlements, product recalls, legitimate articles, consumer reviews, medical guides, the latest news and updates on consumers and businesses, and much more.

To this day, Consider The Consumer remains the leading source for real-time consumer fraud news and information. The website operates with its team of journalists dedicated to exposing consumer fraud, misleading advertising, promoting consumer safety, and discouraging deceptive and unfair marketing practices. The team feels passionate about what they do and will continue to work tirelessly to help consumers expose fraud and, where possible, obtain redress.

Are you a victim of deceptive advertising, scam, or fraud? We highly encourage you to contact Consider The Consumer through their website. You can also directly send them a message at [email protected] or even reach out to them on Facebook.

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