Las Vegas Neurologist’s New Innovative Pacific Pain Relief Cream Making Waves in the Pain Therapy World

November 18 02:00 2021
Pacific Pain Relief Cream is an all-natural, innovative, and doctor-developed highly effective pain remedy solution that provides fast relief.

Canoga Park, CA – November 17, 2021 – A new breakthrough clinically-tested analgesic cream, Pacific Pain Relief Cream by Med-X, Inc., has emerged as the one-stop, go-to solution for fast pain relief. Designed by leading Las Vegas based neurologist, Dr. Morton Hyson, the all-natural cream is all set to revolutionize pain relief by assuring the most efficient and prompt relief from most kinds of chronic muscle pain and headaches. Pacific Pain Relief Cream has already received a long list of rave reviews and stellar ratings from its customers. 

Initial customers of the Pacific Pain Relief Cream have noted that the new cream by Dr. Hyson provides pain relief like no other.

“I use this every night on my lower back and upper neck. I’m in constant pain but this relieves me so I can sleep. Good stuff. Malibu Brands is a good company and growing.” – Jake T. 

“We’ve tried prescription topical relief pads but they never worked. It is unbelievable that it works. I am THRILLED that he finally has no pain when he uses this product. Liked it so much I am sending it to my aunt as well for her pain. I Hope it helps her as much.” – Liz P.

Pacific Pain Relief Cream has an edge over regular pain relief solutions because of its highly effective operational process. The cream is intelligently designed to penetrate deep within muscle tissue and relieve discomfort right from the source of the pain. From neck pain to back pain to hand pain to foot pain to headaches, the new clinically-proven cream assures fast-action relief for all.  

In an exclusive interview, Dr. Hyson shared that the formulation of Pacific Pain Relief Cream has been inspired by his long-term goal of finding the perfect treatment for chronic pain relief. He has committed his entire life’s work towards chronic pain relief to formulate the perfect treatment.

“Acute muscle pain and headaches can be debilitating; it can hamper your daily activities, your professional life, and also your social world. There is no dearth of analgesic creams today but the problem is most of them are limited to partial pain relief and hence can’t do much to remedy your pain. It’s because these creams can’t get to the root of the problem. As a doctor, it has been my life-long goal to find the most optimum possible solution for pain relief that can guarantee the most efficient and also fast pain relief. So, after years of extensive research and trials, I have finally been able to come up with a highly powerful natural topical analgesic cream that can reach to the root of the problem to remedy the pain from its source. Pacific Pain Relief Cream has been clinically proven to offer highly effective and fast-action pain relief in almost no time”, stated Dr. Hyson.

Another significant factor that makes Pacific Pain Relief Cream an effective pain remedy solution is that the analgesic cream boasts the best of both the worlds- plant power and modern science. The cream has been developed with all-natural botanical extracts that have been further combined with modern scientific formulating methods to develop an innovative solution for pain relief. Bryonia 6x HPUS and Rhus Toxicodendron 6x HPUS are the two main active homeopathic botanical ingredients that are used in the pain relief cream.  

The Pacific Pain Relief Cream comes in two sizes of jars – 1 oz and 5 oz.

Top features and benefits of Pacific Pain Relief Cream: 

• Doctor developed, clinically proven natural topical analgesic cream

• Fast-action highly, effective pain relief that relieves discomfort from the source

• Made of all-natural plant-based ingredients

• Comes in a beautiful jar

• Available in two sizes

• No unwanted strong odor

Pacific Pain Relief Cream is sold by Malibu Brands, a division of Med-X, Inc. and comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

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