Predictiv Announces Partnership with HealWell24 to Ensure the Provision of Affordable Preventive Medicine in India

November 18 23:10 2021
The management of Predictiv are thrilled to announce they have signed a partnership deal with HealWell24, which will enable Predictiv to customize its AI engine to make preventive medicine affordable in India

The gap in the Indian healthcare industry is overwhelming. With a population of over 1 billion people, India, the situation of healthcare is becoming worrisome. The doctor-to-patient ratio is meager, with merely 0.7 doctors per 1000 people. Predictiv was launched based on the need for improved healthcare in India, and over the years, the company has secured partnerships with other organizations to support its cause.

Today, the management of Predictiv has announced a partnership deal with HealWell24, a leading Telemedicine startup that owns the first global doctor-patient network, As stated by Sajung Yun, CEO of Predictiv, the partnership deal is expected to make preventive medicine affordable in India. With Predictiv already offering services with the themed focus, a synergy with HealWell24 is believed to intensify its progress.

“The initiative of this partnership is to make preventive medicine affordable in India,” explained Sajung Yun. “Not only will it provide DNA-based digital twins to the people in India, it will also with the help of HealWell24 provide a one-year unlimited telehealth consultation services to solve health challenges. With this partnership, we are bringing affordable long-term precision medicine into practice.”

Predicitv is proving to be a game-changer, redefining the possibilities of preventive medicine in India. Speaking about the partnership with HealWell24, an elated Shivam Ajitkumar Dineshchandra Mehta, Head of Growth and Strategic Partnerships, said, “With this collaboration, Predictiv and Healwell24 will work together to provide the finest medical services in India. It will provide patients the deep understanding to predict, prevent, and monitor their health on genetic disposition.”

The partnership will enable Predictive to customize its AI engine to provide personalized, precision care to people in India. Furthermore, the collaboration will establish a new standard for quality healthcare by helping doctors with treatment plans tailored specifically to cure illnesses.

I believe, HealWell24 and Predictiv Care value partnerships both internally and externally as a proven way for sustainable growth,” commented JK Singha, CEO of HealWell24. “We remain faithful to our vision of leading with telemedicine, technology, and a path-breaking approach. HealWell24’s considerable capabilities and expertise combined with value-added partnerships in Genomics with Predictiv are expected to enhance the services we provide to our customers substantially.”

Together, both partners will pursue a common goal – providing affordable healthcare for Indians and India.

About Predictiv

Founded by Johns Hopkins researchers and serial entrepreneurs, Predictiv is a ground-breaking genomics-based solution to reinvent medicine. Predictiv uses a unique technology that provides a DNA-Based digital twin for health that analyzes a patient’s whole genome to predict and prevent risks on more than 22,000 diseases and simulate reactions to 750 drugs.

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About HealWell24

HealWell24 is a leading telemedicine startup that owns the global first doctor-patient network at Heavily focused on consumer service in various stages, including teleconsultation, diagnostics, and doctors’ home visits of preventive and curative journeys, HealWell24 had made its name in 35+ cities of India and is based out of Mumbai (Bombay), Maharashtra.

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