Ape Traders to Launch NFT that Offers Weekly Insights into Other Pre-Mint Projects

November 19 04:44 2021
Grants Holders Exclusive Access to Investment Resources.

Designed by individuals who have worked on some of the largest NFT projects of the last three years, Ape Traders aims to redefine the ownership experience with a non-fungible token that grants holders exclusive access to a multi-faceted, dynamic Ape Traders membership.

Ape Traders, unlike other NFTs, offers its holders the opportunity to leverage three exclusive membership features that are designed to optimize one’s NFT knowledge as well as their network.

The first of three features includes access to Ape Traders’ weekly NFT report, also known as The Jungle. This private investment resource utilizes the expertise of the team’s most seasoned NFT entrepreneurs to provide users with premium insights into pre-mint NFTs you should and should not buy into.

In addition to The Jungle, Ape Traders owners will also be granted exclusive access to The Temple; the holder-only Discord where members can share their NFT research, receive daily updates on new mint projects, and interact with NFT guest experts.

Combining the information provided from the first two resources, holders will also be able to take advantage of Ape Traders’ exclusive whitelist partnerships with other upcoming NFT projects; allowing Ape Traders owners to be whitelisted on pre-mint projects before anyone else.

When buying into new NFTs, one of the most influential factors for digital investors is whether or not the investment provides long-term value. To avoid cyclical lows of NFT hype-culture, Ape Traders is offering owners the resources they need to overhaul their market insights and maximize their investment opportunities.

Ape Traders’ randomly generated apes will live on the trusted Ethereum Blockchain. Making it easy to securely and reliably buy, sell, or trade your apes.

Prior to its December 6th main sale date at 9PM EST, Ape Traders will be providing select investors with the chance to purchase apes in their pre-mint sale. For more information about Ape Traders and how to be whitelisted for this project, investors can visit Ape Traders’ website or their Discord.

Ape Traders is a U.S.-based, non-fungible token project built by creators and experts who have worked on some of the most successful NFT projects of the last several years. Through exclusive access to The Jungle, The Temple, and their whitelist partnerships, holders can benefit from premium insights, networks, and resources over the course of their entire ownership period.

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