The Supernatural University Transmedia Universe Is Announced By Zach Thomson and McKenzie Rice At Fandom Invasion

November 19 13:54 2021
The Supernatural University Transmedia Universe Is Announced By Zach Thomson and McKenzie Rice At Fandom Invasion
Zach Thomson Panal at Fandom Invasion
At Fandom Invasion, creators and producers Zach Thomson and McKenzie Rice announced The Supernatural University Transmedia Universe.

Creators and Producers Zach Thomson and McKenzie Rice appear at Fandom Invasion to announce the Transmedia Universe. Lycan is the first in a series of movies that builds out this new franchise. This unique intellectual property is different in many ways. From its inception it was built to transcend all platforms so fans could experience this universe in every aspect of life. 

The Supernatural University I.P. has been designed to incorporate every existing entertainment medium and beyond.  This includes: beyond movies, episodic tv series, toys, merchandising. It also includes a real online university where students can actually learn about the unexplained mysteries In and out of our world. Additionally, unexpected mediums like metaverse, virtual reality, Microsoft Merge Cube, NFT’s, PORTL’s, and more are also part of this universe. 

Don’t feel bad if you don’t understand what this all means yet most of the world doesn’t, but soon these words will all be added to daily conversation.  

Zach Thomson said “We are fortunate to have a tiger by the tail, our universe has endless material to pull from. Just like our University teaches, one can learn about UFOlogy, Cryptozoology, alien abduction claims, lore, and mythology from around the world and from every culture.” 

Mckenzie Rice said “We are not claiming or denying any of it. We just present these fascinating claims in a central clearing house of all things unexplained and supernatural.  The best part is that all these ideas of strange phenomena blend seamlessly into the fictitious movies that we have written. For believers and nonbelievers alike everyone has something to learn and enjoy in this exciting universe.“

The Supernatural University is working together with Microsoft’s Merge Cube as an educational tool within the University and the movies and Tv Series.  

The Supernatural University is collaborating with PORTLE to have classes taught in the Metaverse and simultaneously in real life. 

Zach Rice TV has an ongoing collaboration campaign through The Supernatural University with BIGTIME Studios.

For more updates visit their website and follow them on Instagram.

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