“Aliens VS People” completes the first totally on-chain NFT game on Solana

November 22 16:33 2021
Here it is: One of the biggest leaps in Solana’s history so far… Made by a small bootstrapped team!

Aliens VS People revealed today the successful completion of its proof-of-concept for an entirely on-chain, multiplayer NFT war game on the Solana blockchain. In doing so, it has beat other highly funded projects to mark its spot in Solana’s history as the first totally on-chain video game. Since the announcement, the project has already started garnering massive interest – already surpassing 20,000 members in its Discord community: https://aliensvspeople.com/discord/

What is Solana?

Often touted as the “Ethereum Killer”, Solana is a blockchain platform that has erupted in popularity. It is known for its incredibly fast transaction times, large throughput and low costs. These benefits led Solana to catapult itself to the fourth-largest cryptocurrency in early November, with a market cap that ballooned to nearly $80 billion from nothing in under 2 years. Its success has also translated to a massive inflow of investment. FTX, Lightspeed and Solana Ventures have already committed $100 million in Web3 games that integrate Solana – with blockchain gaming studio Faraway raising $30 million.

In a landscape filled with well-funded behemoths, striking – or perhaps, a testament to their proficiency – is that a small bootstrapped team at Aliens VS People managed to solidify their position as the first.

What’s so special?

At its core, Aliens VS People is a Battleship-style intergalactic war game. To play, users must own at least one of the limited alien or human NFT avatars.

As a totally on-chain game, there is no central authority that can manipulate the gameplay. Anyone can skin their own versions of the game, interact directly with its smart contracts, read the game state, and even build new features atop.

But, the public nature of blockchain also poses massive technical challenges, as the game states and functions can be read by anyone. How do you hide someone’s moves, when an opponent can read them on a public ledger? How do you randomize, when everyone knows the variables that went into it? These are among the technical challenges being tackled by Web3 gaming pioneers that are at the forefront of innovation.

It is also why while a lot of projects have raised vast sums of money with promises of building a game in the future, there are very few Web3 games that have come to fruition. And none until now, on the Solana blockchain.

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