Anthony Lambert’s ‘The Hope & Joy That Discovering God Gives Our Lives’ Joins Author’s Tranquility Press

November 22 18:06 2021
Passionate researcher and ex-prisoner of war, Anthony Lambert, joins Author’s Tranquility Press with his self-help book titled “The Hope & Joy That Discovering God Gives Our Lives”.

Author’s Tranquility Press, one of the leading publicity agencies in the world, is supporting Anthony Lambert’s quest of inspiring millions of people to look up to the Supreme Being in all affairs of life through his book titled “The Hope & Joy That Discovering God Gives Our Lives.”

Millions of people of all age groups across the globe struggle with different situations and while some have been able to emerge victoriously, others were not so lucky, literally overwhelmed by their predicament. Regardless of the condition, the position of an Almighty as the overseer of the affairs of the world cannot be overemphasized. However, a good number of people worldwide remain unconvinced with this phenomenon, which is where Anthony Lambert aims to make a difference with “The Hope & Joy That Discovering God Gives Our Lives.”

The self-help book seeks to educate readers on the existence and presence of God as well as his powers, with the author digging into his life experience as an ex-prisoner of war – interned for three and a half years by the Japanese in the Second World War and his struggles. The father of six shares how God came through in difficult situations, including having a profoundly handicapped son.

The Kindle and paperback versions of “The Hope & Joy That Discovering God Gives Our Lives” are available on Amazon as well as other major platforms.

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About Anthony Lambert

Anthony Lambert is described as a matured and experienced BATTLER who has struggled through a difficult life and reflected long and hard on its content to try to find meaning and purpose in it. The pragmatic realist and mechanical engineer is known for accepting only factual, believable, provable information about the possible existence of a God and His influence in and on our lives.

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