The Motion Books Offer Unique Linen-Bound Video Albums Designed to Store and Play Videos

November 22 20:21 2021
The Motion Books specializes in designing wedding and special event video albums. The majority of products on the brand’s catalog are currently on sale.

A wedding day is one of the most significant and enjoyable day an individual can experience, and the myriad of joyous memories is typically documented on DVDs, hard drives, flash drives and online after being processed by wedding videographers and photographers.

One of the biggest challenges that wedding videographers face is that filmed content requires a TV, PC or a laptop with internet access to be enjoyed. The Motion Books is an American brand that has designed a customizable solution in the form of beautiful and convenient video albums (or video books) that can store wedding videos and photo slideshows with ease.

We wanted to find a way for you to enjoy your wedding video with ease and accessibility. So, we created The Motion Books.”


The main mission of The Motion Books is to design and deliver products that can help couples relive their fondest memories in the simplest way possible. Wedding films and wedding slideshows are much more enjoyable through The Motion Books. By opening the cover of the wedding video album, couples will be transported to their fondest memories when their wedding video comes to life.

Wedding Video Albums offer convenience that DVDs, Blurays, hard drives and flash drives lack in terms of instant usability. The content stored on The Motion Books is available for use at all times and is not dependent on external hardware, tools, internet and gadgets.

Aside from pioneering a new way of wedding media storage, The Motion Books also offers brides an exquisite way to enjoy and relieve their most precious moments with their significant other, friends, and family whenever, wherever. The Motion Books can store about 2 hours of videos and includes an HD screen and built in audio. Additionally, the linen hard cover gives each video album a luxury feel.

The brand’s video books exemplify quality, a timeless design, and modern keepsakes that are to be passed down to future generations.

The Motion Books are video albums (or video books) that are beautiful, always ready to play, and easy to use. Now, you can enjoy your wedding film on demand, whenever you like. Our goal is to create joy by helping you showcase the meaningful memories in your life through The Motion Books. With a focus on high quality and timeless design, we hope that your memories are relived forever.”

The company offers predesigned wedding albums but also gives its customers an opportunity to personalize their video book by adding custom titles. Creating a truly unique and special wedding memento or wedding gift.

Wedding photographers and wedding videographers can also take advantage of the unique customization options and create a wedding video album that features their logo on The Motion Books video album.

Most of The Motion Books’ products are currently on sale, offering the brand’s customers an opportunity to save more money on Wedding Video Books, e-Gift Cards, and fully customized video albums.

The brand’s blog site features a post called “7 Creative Ways to use The Motion Books”, which includes helpful tips on utilizing video books and albums to their full potential. Some of the recommended uses include showcasing a wedding video or a slideshow of images, sending personalized messages to loved ones, sending a video book to a loved one in the military, gifting a video book to newlyweds and more.

More information about The Motion Books and the brand’s catalog can be found on the company’s official website.

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