Strategic Advisor Board launches powerful and exclusive Business Accelerator Course Bundle

November 23 08:09 2021
SAB’s new Business Accelerator Course Bundle is offering pearls of wisdom and proven strategies from seasoned CEOs to help new CEOs attain a competitive edge and develop a strong foundation for a thriving business.

Boulder, Colorado – November 22, 2021 – Strategic Advisor Board is pleased to announce the launch of its new Business Accelerator Course Bundle that shares top CEO insider secrets on taking a business to the next level. Titled “The Power of 10”, the course comprises 4 courses compiled into one by seasoned CEOs. 

SAB has already launched an Amazon Bestseller book by the same name, “The Power of 10”, and the new course bundle is an extension of the book. 

In an exclusive interview, Jason Miller, the founder and CEO of SAB, shared that the latest course bundle is especially developed to help impact-driven CEOs to scale their business to greater heights without stress or burnout, even if they are already successful. 

“We are excited to share with you all that we have recently launched our ‘success-proven’ Business Accelerator Course Bundle that will help CEOs to overcome the common problems faced in a business and elevate their business to new heights altogether”, stated Mr. Miller.

“This course will be your ultimate guide if you are having problems with traffic conversions, business operations, referral system, revenue growth and other such related problems that inhibit the successful growth of a business, especially that of a startup. We have been spearheading and operating businesses for decades- we have faced these similar issues but have also learnt the strategies to overcome them and create a successful thriving business. Our new course bundle is geared to share with new  CEOs all those tested and proven strategies to ensure a smoother growth for them. Besides, while a single regular business course can demand over $4,000, you have the entire bundle of 4 courses here for less than $1000- which is practically just a fraction of regular business courses.”

Here is a brief overview of the SAB Business Accelerator Course Bundle

The Strategic Success Program

It’s a 5 Phase 32 week course that shares the three ultimate steps or “The Trinity of Success” of growing revenue figures and eventually scaling a business to newer heights. The course offers a blueprint on how to achieve clarity, focus, and direction to supercharge the results, take command over the team, develop complete control over cash flow, and so on. The course also  reveals the typical mistakes to avoid that would otherwise derail a business to a dead track. 

CEO Mindset

The course unravels the essential core methods needed to create lasting CEO transformation. It will help the CEOs to develop better understanding on holistic decision making, attain the right energy mindset, achieve intuitive development, and the ability to fathom how to improve outcomes. 

Build a Brand That Sells

The course will also teach CEOs, especially new ones, how to beat others in competition through a compelling brand story that emotionally connects with the target niche. Participants will learn how to attract as well as convert ideal clients with ease, understand the leverage to stand tall in competition, and build a powerful business foundation.

Automate, Systematize, and Delegate

The final leg of the course shares insider secrets on saving hours and utilizing time more effectively.  Participants will learn how to save time by automating certain daily tasks, attaining better organization in business as well as developing understanding on who, how and, when to hire.

Speaking on, Mr. Miller offered a snippet of the major takeaway from the SAB Business Accelerator Course Bundle. CEOs signing up for the course will learn-

  • How to achieve an edge over competitors
  • The dated tactics that simply don’t work anymore
  • Powerful method to save time and attain successful time-management
  • Habits and activities of top CEOs who are leading the industry
  • Shifting mindset to transcend to a higher frequency of consciousness and how the practice can transform your business
  • And more

The SAB Business Accelerator Course Bundle also comes with a Bonus which allows participants to earn a free call with none other than Jason Miller. Mr. Miller is opening up his calendar to offer solutions for 3 biggest problems a CEO is facing and that too for free.

SAB is also offering a 100% refund if the client is not satisfied with the course. For more information, please visit or YouTube.

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