Academy ABA Outlines the Must-Haves of Successful ABA Programs

November 23 11:11 2021
Academy ABA is a leading autism school committed to offering individualized care. In a recent update, the office outlined the must-haves of efficient ABA programs.

Cumming, GA – In a website post, Academy ABA has shared the traits of a successful ABA Therapy Cumming program.

All ABA programs should include a reinforcement assessment, and these assessments should be reviewed regularly over time to capture changes in the child’s preferences. Reinforcements should be built on items and activities that are motivating to a child. When behaviorists talk about support with families and other laypersons, it often presents desired items or activities to a student.

This is termed “positive reinforcement. Another form of reinforcement is “negative” reinforcement – that is, the removal of an undesired (aversive) stimulus – which, when removed consistently over time, the target behavior is likely to increase.

Teaching for generalization, where initially, ABA therapy in Cumming is usually conducted in a less chaotic environment, with the idea that having fewer distractions around in the learning environment will assist the child to focus and learn the task at hand.

Cumming ABA therapy programming for generalization considers the need for behaviors to occur across all environments, independently and spontaneously. Thus, criteria are set to include various settings and stimuli. A skill is not determined to be mastered unless the child demonstrates an independent ability to perform the skill across such environments.

About Academy ABA

Academy ABA Programs help children with learning differences develop academic and life skills that will allow them to find the best opportunities for success throughout life. The professionals offer individualized programming by focusing on a child’s unique talents, strengths, and weaknesses to help them live to their full potential. With 20 years of experience working with children on the Autism Spectrum, the school boasts a large staff of very well-trained Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Physical Therapists.

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