Executive Mom Nest is redesigning the way companies support executive women.

November 24 17:12 2021
The Nest is ditching outdated coaching models to help women avoid burnout and find harmony at home and in their career.

One part coaching, one part mentorship, 100% support. The Executive Mom Nest is rethinking the traditional executive coaching model. They understand that women approach life individually and one-size-fits-all solutions don’t work. The Nest’s top goal is to bring more efficiency, joy, mindfulness, and inspiration into the members’ lives so they can spend more quality time with loved ones without sacrificing career success or personal wellness. 

The Executive Mom Nest is a virtual wellness and professional development center for overcommitted working mothers that focuses on coaching and mentorship. The U.S. Department of Labor reported 865,000 women left the workforce during the first six months of the pandemic. Since then, a “Women in the Workplace” report from the consulting firm McKinsey & Co. in partnership with LeanIn.org suggests that one in three women have considered reframing their careers based on their own personal values. 

The Nest has redesigned executive coaching by anticipating the struggles that parents face in the workplace. Often, when there is stress at home, the burden falls on moms to make a choice–stay in their job and face burnout or leave a career they love. “By joining our unique platform, women learn to prioritize themselves,” says Executive Mom Nest founder and CEO, Marcy Stoudt. “Women realize they don’t need to make a choice between being an amazing mom or having a successful career.” What makes the Nest different are the 17 advisors who work in diverse industries to anticipate any mentoring or coaching needs members may have as business women or mothers. 

“Traditional executive coaching platforms focus on what happens between 9:00 and 5:00 but we know that we can’t simply hang up one hat and put on another at the end of the workday. If we’re stressed about an upcoming presentation or a conflict at work, it will spill into our home. Likewise, if we are not feeling healthy or rested, it will impact the quality of our work. Life is a puzzle. We can’t just force the pieces together. They need to fit together in our own unique lives,” says Advisor Alison Nissen. 

This is why mentorship is valuable. The vetted advisors focus on building relationships with Nest members to help them develop a path for harmony in both career and family. Today’s women are modeling for their daughters and sons how to thrive in a complex world. In an informal study by Executive Mom Nest, a top priority for employees today is balance between home and work. Many employees are burning out and without corporate support, they would be willing to find an alternative to the typical career path. 

It’s time to stop relying on the outdated executive coaching model. Executive moms are not one-size-fits-all employees and burnout is real. But the Executive Mom Nest’s innovative approach to caring for the whole employee is changing that. Harmony is possible with the right solutions. 

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