Aquaponics AI Builds Software to Power Next-Gen Farming Globally

November 25 16:38 2021
Aquaponics AI offers free resources including calculators, libraries, and sensor integration

CLAYMONT – November 25, 2021 – Aquaponics AI has launched a platform designed to help aquaponic farmers to grow their operations, manage their teams, perform calculations and integrate their sensors. The platform offers free resources including crop libraries, app alerts and best practices, all of which farmers can use to run their operations efficiently.


Developing countries lack sufficient access to information about effective farming methods. This lack of information only serves to exacerbate global food and water shortages that are part of everyday life for many people. Aquaponics AI was built to solve this problem by providing location-specific information in 10 local languages and at an affordable price.

“10 years in the middle east gave us a clear perspective on how lack of information and resources can affect communities, says Aquaponics AI co-founder Jonathan Reyes. “As we were helping these communities where food insecurity, water shortages and income inequality was a normal part of life, we started building a permanent solution for farmers.” “Aquaponics AI was born out of a commitment to helping farmers across the globe by providing location-specific resources and information in their own languages,” says Aquaponics co-founder Daniel Robards.

The Aquaponics AI team is dedicated to solving food insecurity by collaborating with experts and expanding the practice of aquaponics globally. The platform currently offers free information, calculators, aquaponics designers and resources to serve the needs of aquaponic farmers. To provide these services, Aquaponics AI has partnered with industry thought leaders and innovators like Paul Brown, an aquaculture and aquaponics researcher at Purdue University. They are also working with industry leaders at Kentucky State University and Santa Fe Community College to create this comprehensive resource library for farmers.

Aquaponics AI is already helping aquaponic farmers in over 20 countries to take their operations to the next level. The services on the platform are currently available in 10 languages. The Aquaponics AI team recently added a marketplace, data explorer, lab grade lab test integration and more to their portfolio of services. The free starter kit includes utilities and calculators, a system designer, access to fish and crop research and a mobile application. Farmers can scale their operations even more by upgrading to paid services.

By uniting technology, research, tools, aquaponics designers and industry connections on one platform, the team at Aquaponics AI is transforming the farming industry. With Aquaponics AI, farmers around the world can expand their operations, boost local supplies of fish and produce, and radically impact the communities around them.

About Aquaponics AI

Aquaponics AI is a social impact company powering the heroes of next-gen food production. They’re committed to helping aquaponic farmers to grow their operations with a platform that provides free resources to meet the needs of these farmers. The Aquaponics AI platform offers farmers calculators, information libraries, sensor integration tools, access to a network of industry experts and more.

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