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November 26 01:36 2021

The cost of Ethereum mining is too high? JASMINER X4 was born at the right moment

As we all know, Ethereum was created by Vitalik Buterin under the inspiration of Bitcoin, it is an open source public blockchain platform with smart contract functions. After the development of Ethereum, it is now second only to Bitcoin, which also makes many investors interested in Ethereum investment. At present, the most common ways to obtain Ethereum on the market are exchange trading and Ethereum mining.

So, what is the cost of Ethereum mining? Take a mining machine on the market as an example, let’s take a look at its power consumption during stable operation: the official hashrate is 220M, in the 12 hours of actual testing, the hash rate per hour was maintained at about 230M during stable operation, which was higher than the nominal hash rate. In the actual test, the power consumption is 1222W, and the rated power consumption is 1200W, which is also higher than the rated power consumption, the power consumption ratio per M is 5.31W/M.

Through the above introduction, believe everyone has an understanding of the cost of mining an Ethereum. All miners who understand Ethereum mining know that Ethereum mining is very power-hungry, the long-term high-load operation of the computer, the life of the graphics card is very short, so miners need to choose a professional Ethereum mining machine for mining. It is precisely because of this that if ordinary people want to obtain Ethereum through mining, they need to calculate the mining cost. In addition to the electricity bill, the cost of the mining machine is particularly important.

With the growth of computing power, low-power mining machines will gradually establish an advantage in the competition. On June 6, 2021, the JASMINER brand’s integrated high-throughput computing chip “JASMINER X4” was officially released. JASMINER X4, the chip size is 384×384×512, supports high-throughput data paths between 384 computing cores and 384 on-chip caches, the bus width is 512 bits, the main frequency is 800MHz-1GHz, and the maximum bandwidth is 24TB/s. JASMINER X4 avoids the problems of high power consumption and loss of computing power from the root cause in the design process, and has made unique formula adjustments from the structure design of the mining machine, the consistency of the chip design, the consistency of the circuit design and the consistency of the manufacturing process. From appearance structure to performance design to overall performance, they are all for the long-term large-scale operation of the mine to reduce the failure rate and power consumption rate. Its comprehensive anti-aging design can ensure the long-term working life of the machine, and these innovative designs are not possible by other manufacturers in the market, really improve the stability and reliability of the whole machine operation.

JASMINER X4 is now recruiting agents from all over the world, opening up a trillion market space. From the beginning of understanding the project to the actual operation of the product, the JASMINER brand has professional personnel for docking, explanation and training, to ensure efficient project operation. In the operation and promotion of the project, JASMINER not only work side by side with the agents, but also help the agents remove obstacles professionally and carefully, and enjoy generous dividends.

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