IB Specialist in Dubai Dr Anil Khare’s Memory Hacks for IB exams

November 26 04:18 2021

IB exams can drive the most diligent of students up the wall. Students who are focused on a grade they need to attain in order to gain admission into their chosen university may feel even more hard pressed to perform better in their exams. To make studying easier, Dr Anil Khare, leading IB Specialist in Dubai, has laid down some strategies for longer retention of what has been studied.

Prepare notes 

Though a cliched strategy, making notes may be one of the oldest and the most effective forms of studying to ensure ease of revision. Making notes not only help you retain what you learnt but can save time while revision as well.

Audio notes are a relatively newer form of revision notes and can help you when you wish to revise while on the go or while you work out. These are times when you would listen to music. At the time of exams, you may as well utilise this time productively.

Use of acronyms 

Our brains are sometimes wired in the same way as a computer brain in that it fetches those memory bits that have an attached link to it. This aspect of the human brain can be used for IB study by assigning an acronym for what has been studied. One word may be all that is required to help you recall a lot of information. If you are having trouble remembering a particular part of your course, you may associate that with an acronym for better recall.

Refresh your mind 

Sometimes, all it takes to remember better is to take a brisk walk. This helps in refreshing the memory so that once you are done with your walk, you are ready for the next chapter. Other ways you can unwind is by talking to someone close or by watching something fun on tv.

The above methods by top IB expert in Dubai, Dr Anil Khare, can help students improve their memory and gain higher scores. Dr Anil Khare speaks from years of experience in dealing with IB students and providing requisite support for their coursework, understanding concepts and helping them perform better during exams.

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