Gem4me MarketSpace – a new solution for the messengers market

November 26 23:21 2021

Malta – Among the variety of messengers, there are, in fact, very few truly unique products because in most cases they have the same functions and differ only in external design. So what’s for overload your device with similar apps when there is available a truly innovative solution – Gem4me MarketSpace which is also well-known for its great tool for communication Gem4me messenger!

Gem4me app is a global mobile service that combines a messenger with a marketplace. That means that on this platform people can not only communicate but also place ads, do shopping, follow the latest news – and do all this on an international scale.

What’s in Gem4me MarketSpace?

Gem4me app is divided into 3 functional blocks:

       • “Chats” – all options for private and group communication: messaging, stickers, smilies, files and voice calls exchange, audio and video calls (up to 1000 participants);

       • “Channels” – news feeds, informational and advertising blogs of companies and ordinary users;

       • MarketSpace is a platform where ads for the sale of goods and services from all over the world are posted.

You needn’t use all the options, many people use the platform as a simple messenger. But if you need to sell something or see what interesting other sellers offer, you will not have to download a special app because Gem4me market space already has everything you need. This marketplace is intended for all business categories and individuals.

It’s important to note that all functions are free. The developers plan to add paid promotion of ads to the top, but thanks to convenient categorization and filters no offer will be lost.

Gem4me VS other messengers: which is better?

Gem4me MarketSpace is a relatively young service. It was created when such giants as WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber and other platforms were already functioning on the market.

It helped the developers to analyze their competitors’ mistakes and avoid them. For example:

       • after sending messages can be edited (unlike WhatsApp);

       • there has been introduced two-factor authentication which Viber simply does not have;

       • chats and channels are placed in different sections, not in the general feed, as it is in Telegram;

       • video conferences are free and have no limits in time (unlike Zoom);

       • freedom of speech within the framework of the law instead of unpredictable censorship like on Facebook, etc.

As a platform for communication, Gem4me MarketSpace is not inferior to its analogs in terms of available functions. At the same time, it has a simple and clear interface that is easy to master even for older people. In addition to smartphones that function on iOS and Android, after registration, the platform is also available in the web version which is absolutely the same as the mobile one.

At the moment, as prove real Gem4me reviews, there are no international service that can offer such a range of functions as Gem4me MarketSpace has. Because of it, the platform successfully competes with other famous apps and is rapidly gaining an audience!

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