Life Coach Releases His First Book About Human Life

November 27 03:12 2021
Human Life essentially consists of eight decades and Pranay Misra shows you how to live them to the fullest.

Life coach and successful businessman Pranay Misra has released his debut book, titled 8 Decades of Human Life: Moments and Memories. Having spent many decades in this world already and having learned many lessons from his elders, he takes the reader through each decade of life by sharing his personal experiences, some general experiences that all people go through, and also reveals the true purpose of life – all while giving tips on how to make the best of each decade.

The gift of life is the most precious one given by God, but also the one that is taken for granted the most. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often forget what truly matters, and when we realize that, it’s too late. 8 Decades of Life: Moments and Memories is the definite guide for each decade of life and how to live it well while focusing on the ultimate goal of life; making memories and leaving an impression on this world.

According to Mr. Misra, “We come into the world empty-handed, and we leave the world empty-handed. The only thing that our soul takes with it is the beautiful memories of the beautiful moments that we spent in the different decades of life.”

8 Decades of Human Life: Moments and Memories can be purchased here:

About the Author:

Pranay Misra is a world-class Telecom Chief Technical and Business Officer, life coach, Reiki Grand Master Certified Guru, and now a first-time author. He is not content with quick fixes that merely stop the bleeding; he aims to find the causes to keep them from happening again. Apart from his quick problem-solving skills that show immediate results, he provides solutions to many businesses that keep them grounded for sustainable growth in the long run.

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