Earl ‘Dusty’ Trimmer Releases “UNBREAKABLE HEARTS II: A True Heart-wrenching Story About Victory? Forfeited!”

November 29 18:09 2021

Earl ‘Dusty’ Trimmer, a combat Vietnam War veteran with a no-holds-barred passion about the Vietnam War, has released the second edition of his all-revealing book. The 700-page, Unbreakable Hearts II: A True Heart-Wrenching Story About Victory? Forfeited! unveils their details about the Vietnamese history and culture and helps readers understand the amazing resolve of the Vietnamese during their prolonged wars. 

“Vietnam War vets were sometimes called ‘baby killers’ after they came home from risking their lives or dying in battle serving their country honorably and effectively,” the veteran states in his new book.” Who was to blame? Fake news, far left America and thankless politicians? 

Trimmer shares details that were never known by the public before about the Vietnam War and those subjected to the horrors that wars bring. His impressive research about Vietnams’ history and culture is evident in the book. The book restores the deserving honor and valor for Vietnam Wars’ warriors, which were denied by the thankless politicians.

The book has stunning and factually incriminating benefits for those who blocked the critically needed and deserved healthcare benefits from Vietnams’ vets and other wars. According to Trimmer, there was this cruel process named by vets called DELAY, DENY, DELAY TILL YOU DIE. This has been unarguably responsible for tens of thousands of the country’s military’s premature deaths, affecting their families and loved ones for the rest of their lives. 

About Earl “Dusty” Trimmer:

Earl “Dusty” Trimmer served with a highly decorated unit of the U.S. Army’s 25th Infantry Division in the bloody years of 1968-69. He began writing his books to share the horror-filled experiences of his warrior buddies in his first book, “Condemned Property?” launched in December 2013. Many Vietnam vets urged him to continue writing. Despite two ischemic strokes and one cerebral vascular stroke, leaving permanent impairments, he launched “Payback Time” in 2015 and Bravo walking regulars of the U.S. and more recently “Unbreakable Hearts”. All three chastised the VA for its shameful treatment of America’s Vietnam War veterans. Most important, “Unbreakable Hearts” leaves a badly needed and much deserved… LEGACY THAT VIETNAM VETS AND FAMILY MEMBERS CAN BE PROUD OF FOR AS LONG AS THEY LIVE.”

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