New Children’s eBook “Tommy Goes to Heaven” – A Collaborative Project to Raise Money for Charity

December 02 16:32 2021
The proceeds from the launch of “Tommy Goes to Heaven” will go into charity as part of a ‘Back to School’ program for schoolchildren in Malaysia

Lina Ali is thrilled to announce the launch of her new children’s eBook titled ‘Tommy Goes to Heaven.’ The book launch is a collaboration with AKRAB, a Malaysian-based organization, to raise funds for a ‘Back to School’ charity program. Lina and AKRAB will be using the proceeds of the eBook’s launch to buy school items for deserving and underprivileged children as the school season begins in Malaysia.

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The new children’s eBook, ‘Tommy Goes to Heaven,’ is about a happy little girl who had some beautiful times with her pet cat. One day, her cat got sick and died, which made the little girl very sad. Lina Ali takes readers on a journey to how this little girl overcame her grief and found the strength to be happy again.

Speaking about the new book, Lina Ali had this to say, “We have all experienced pain and loss while growing up. My own painful childhood experiences have led to my self-limiting beliefs for many years. I wrote this book in the hope that it will give strength for children going through similar situations and to find it in their hearts to smile again.”

‘Tommy Goes to Heaven’ contains 107 pages in total, divided into 32 Pages of Coloring Activity, 44 Pages Story Book (with illustrations), 10 Pages of Cat Word Search (solutions provided), and 10 Pages of Cat Maze (solutions provided). The launch promo price is $2.50, and part of it would be used to support a charity foundation.

Lina Ali is poised to impact the lives of children in the tiniest, little way. She is partnering with AKRAB to further the cause of her goal towards making life better for underprivileged children. In her words, “If this story can touch just one child’s heart and bring a smile to his/her face, it would mean the world to me.”

AKRAB, the Malaysian organization partnering with Lina Ali in the launch of ‘Tommy Goes to Heaven’, was founded by Dato Aliyah Karen, popularly known as the ‘Pay It Forward’ lady for her strong advocacy for humanitarian work, education, and training in Malaysia and abroad. AKRAB co-founders are Raja Azura binti Raja Mahayuddin and Badrie Abdullah.

For more information on the book launch and how to support the charity foundation, please visit

About Lina Ali

Lina Ali is an artist and also the author and illustrator of “Tommy Goes to Heaven”. She was inspired to write this story when her cat, Tommy, died a few months ago. The pain of losing a pet is unbearable even for adults, but she remembered her dream about Tommy being happy in a very magical place. She painted what she saw from her dream and later had the idea to write the book.

Lina struggled with her own self-limiting belief before. From her own life experiences, Lina knows that traumatic events such as these could be unhealthy for children while growing up. She wrote this book hoping that it will give strength for children going through similar situations and find it in their hearts to smile again.

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