The Catheter Stabilization/ Securement Device market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.34% and will reach USD 1.88 billion by 2026.

December 02 17:06 2021
The Catheter Stabilization/ Securement Device market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.34% and will reach USD 1.88 billion by 2026.
Catheter Stabilization/ Securement Device market

According to the latest report published by DelveInsight “Catheter Stabilization/Securement Device Market Insight, Competitive Landscape & Forecast – 2026” the globalcatheter stabilization/securement device market is expected to witness significant growth owing to the rising number of surgeries that require postoperative care and the increasing need to reduce catheter-associated complications, rising demand for minimally invasive procedures and the rising adoption of technologically advanced catheter stabilization devices. This report will provide in-depth market understanding for catheter stabilization/securement device which will further benefit the competitors or stakeholder operating in catheter stabilization/securement device arena.


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Geography Covered: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Rest of the World (Middle East, Africa, and South America)


Catheter Stabilization Market Key Highlights

  • On August 19, 2021, Argon Medical Devices had launched the minimally invasive drainage catheter, called as the Skater mini-loop drainage catheter placed through the skin using image guidance as a minimally invasive procedure for removing or draining unwanted fluid collection.
  • On March 19, 2021, Mighty Well had launched the PICCPerfect® Pro – Secondary Catheter Securement Device.
  • On October 05, 2019, Starboard Medical had launched the Clik Fix neonatal PICC Catheter Securement at AVA 2019.
  • Thus, owing to the launch of such devices, there will be a significant growth in Catheter Stabilization/Securement devicesmarket during the forecast period.


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Catheter Stabilization Market Insight

Catheter is a medical device which comprises of a small flexible tube that can be inserted in the body and is used for collecting blood, urine and gas from the body. It can be attached to a drainage bag for temporary storage. Stabilization systems are acquainted with the catheters and are crucial for patients who are not able to clear their bladder naturally. It helps in maintaining the health of the bladder and the kidney and helps in prevention of infection and leakage. The rising prevalence of heart related disorders such as ischemic heart disease, leads to an increasing demand for Catheter Stabilization/Securement devices, leading to the growth in catheter stabilization/securement devices market during the forecasting period. As per the Global Burden of Disease Study, 2020, Ischemic Heart disease tends to affect around 126 million individuals ((1,655 per 100,000), accounting to about 1.72% of the world’s population. Therefore, owing to the rise in heart related disorders, there will be an increase in the demand and need for catheter stabilization systems, leading to an increase in the overall catheter stabilization devices market growth.


Geography-Wise Catheter Stabilization/Securement Device Market Analysis

Geographically, the global catheter stabilization/securement device market is studied for North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World. In terms of revenue share North America is presently dominating the global market and is expected that it will remain constant during the forecast period. However, the superiority of North America will be relatively challenged by Europe market. This supremacy of North America is owing to the rising number of cardiovascular cases and cancer cases in the region, rise in number of surgical procedure, rise in use of cost-effective devices and rising demand for such devices in the management of urinary diseases and for other diseases also in the United States which is driving the overall North America market growth.

Urinary tract infections are the most common outpatient infections in the United States, the prevalence in women over 65 years of age is almost 20%, compared with approximately 11% in the overall population. Therefore, owing to the rise in urinary diseases, there will be an increase in the Catheter stabilization/securement devices, leading to a rise in the overall market growth during the forecasting period.


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Catheter Stabilization Companies:

  • BD
  • B. Braun Melsungen AG
  • Cardinal Health
  • ConvaTec
  • Biodermic Inc
  • Merit Medical
  • CONMED Corporation
  • Starboard Medical Inc
  • Adhezion Biomedical
  • Dale Medical Products
  • Baxter
  • 3M
  • Smiths Medical
  • Marpac
  • And Many others.


Covid-19 Impact Analysis

The market for Catheter Stabilization/ Securement Device observed a period of diminished growth owing to the outbreak of COVID-19. The reason being shortage of raw material for manufacturing equipment, hurdle caused in the supply chain, closing down of the manufacturing and supply units, and reduction in patient visits to medical facilities among others. All forms of surgeries were either cancelled or postponed as COVID-19 affected patients were being prioritized.

However, the healthcare system has started resuming at its normal pace as a result of relaxation given in COVID-19 lockdown guidelines and due to the opening of manufacturing units and resumed patient visits. Therefore, the catheter stabilization market is expected to gain normalcy in the upcoming period owing to the recent launches of catheter stabilization/securement devices. For instance, in 2019, Cathetrix had launched the first foley catheter securement device, thereby preventing damage from accidental extractions at Medica. Therefore, owing to the recent launches of catheter stabilization/securement systems and resumption of medical operations, there will be an increase in demand of the catheter stabilization/securement device leading to an increase in the overall catheter stabilization system market growth during the forecast period from 2021-2026.

Furthermore, global catheter stabilization/ securement device market by product type is segmented into Arterial Stabilization, Foley Stabilization, Peripheral/CVC Stabilization, Multipurpose Stabilization, Epidural Stabilization, and Others.

Owing to the recent approval of certain catheter stabilization/securement devices such as on September 28, 2021, Medtronic had received the CE Mark approval for Radial Artery Access portfolio, which comprised of both the Rist™ 079 Radial Access Guide Catheter and Rist™ Radial Access Selective Catheter.

Also, on October 16, 2019, Cathetrix had launched the first foley catheter securement device for the prevention of damage to the bladder and urethra from accidental urinary catheter extraction. Therefore, owing to the recent launch of these catheter stabilization systems, there will be an increase in the demand for such devices leading to a rise in the overall catheter stabilization systems market.


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