AutoProperty Set To Shake Up Canadian Real Estate Industry

December 10 15:48 2021
AutoProperty Set To Shake Up Canadian Real Estate Industry

This Canadian-owned technology company is focused on making Real Estate accessible by closing the gap between renting and owning a property. Offering professional services that will allow clients to purchase affordable properties (Under 250k) and maintain their new investments with ease.


– View & purchase out of province properties with ease

– Manage multiple rental properties and field maintenance requests from one central platform

– Compare projected rent with anticipated cost to easily select properties that will be cash flow positive

AutoProperty is pleased to announce that first-time home buyers, new real estate investors, and existing property owners, can tackle the ever so challenging housing market with an advanced system and professional team by their side.

Simplifying its entire service into five words, buy affordable managed real estate.

“At AutoProperty, our goal is simple, to aid you in purchasing a home, fill it with screened, reliable tenants, have them pay down your debt while you continue to live in your city of choice. When the time is right, sell your property and use it to buy a principal residence, or continue to acquire affordable rentals and build your wealth.”

The Canadian real estate corporation is described as the easiest way to buy, own and manage a rental property. AutoProperty has extensive relationships with real estate agents, property managers, and contractors across Canada. This ensures its clients get professional advice, reasonable quotes, and discounts on costs associated with owning a rental property.

“Many know the frustration of wanting to purchase a home or property and having their savings feel like it’s becoming worthless with rising home costs. Professionally managed real estate allows you to enter the market and have your savings work for you.”

The company says its goal is to provide the best purchasing experience for its clients and also help them to reach their financial goals through the establishment of secondary revenue and potential appreciation.

AutoProperty insists that its entire operations have been intentionally structured to provide the utmost convenience for clients. With the company’s help, potential homeowners can get a virtual tour of homes in cities across Canada. Clients are able to assess, purchase, and lease said property from the comfort of their own homes.

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AutoProperty believes its unique approach to real estate purchasing and management will revolutionize the entire industry by making the home buying process simple, and hassle-free. With the goal of allowing more people to become homeowners in Canada.

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