Airbuild Announces Sustainable Manufacturing Pledge To Take A Stand Against Climate Change

December 14 14:48 2021
Airbuild Announces Sustainable Manufacturing Pledge To Take A Stand Against Climate Change
Airbuild Energy is announcing the Sustainable Manufacturing Pledge, an initiative to rally companies that contain a manufacturing component in the United States and even around the world together in a coordinated effort to lower their overall manufacturing footprint.

Manufacturing and industrial activities are some of the world’s largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions and waste. The green manufacturing pledge aims to spread awareness and encourage collaboration between large emitters for the transition to more sustainable practices by 2030.

• Move towards clean air factories

• Implement sustainable packaging methods

• Reduce wastewater and usage

Why companies should sign The Sustainable Manufacturing Pledge:


1. Sustainability is deflationary. Companies are wasting money by not centering their options around sustainable practices.

2. The market is shifting away from fossil fuel products. Aside from climate concerns, fossil fuel usage is not here to stay.

3. Infrastructure and supply chain costs will inflate to never before seen levels unless sustainable solutions are put into place.


1. Your customers, clients, and employees expect more from you.

2. Developing countries are the ones directly suffering from wasteful practices. Developed countries will suffer soon.

3. You have the opportunity to set a positive example, and have other companies in your industry soon follow.

About Airbuild:

Airbuild is an infrastructure solution to bridge the economic gap between climate and energy. Airbuild aims to become the leader in decarbonization by engineering and designing methods by which we can simultaneously purify the air and transition to renewable energy using algae. We are the “anesthesia on the operating table” of the renewable revolution. Airbuild is making the world a better place while creating the best workplace experience.

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