On-site Pharmacies and Pharmaceutical Delivery Prove Invaluable Amid Rising Covid Variants

December 21 14:06 2021

As Omicron gains momentum amid the newest change in the pandemic, people find on-sight pharmaceutical services invaluable. The fewer locations people need to go to, the safer everyone can be, and the less likely the virus will spread. Walk-in locations also provide an alternative to the ER for many situations helping to take some of the strain off the already taxed medical system.

Of course, life-threatening conditions or injuries should always be treated as an emergency. Many unexpected things can be handled at a walk-in instead.

Once seen at the walk-in, people can go directly to the on-site pharmacy to get the prescription they’ve received filled at affordable rates.

Even though there is a new variant of Covid, pharmacies take every precaution to stay open hours that work with those with jobs and commitments.

Masking, social distancing, hand washing, surface disinfection, and even barriers are among the procedures in place, along with other recommendations from health organizations to help ensure the safety of staff and patients.

The pharmacy may also answer questions about the Covid-19 vaccine or booster shot and help offer guidance on the importance of getting vaccinated, not just to protect oneself but also to protect society.

There are those who, for legitimate medical reasons, cannot vaccinate. However, very rare these patients still need the same level of care they required before the pandemic began.

Pharmacists and assistants are some of the unsung heroes of this ongoing worldwide pandemic. They’ve worked tirelessly through the shutdowns and adapted to ensure those who depend on prescriptions still have a way to get the medication they need.

Most pharmacies have even adapted delivery services so that those who are more concerned with the increase in Omicron can continue care without leaving home.

Suppose the pharmacy thinks someone is at higher risk for contracting covid-19 in any of its variants. In that case, they may suggest changing prescriptions to a delivery schedule.

Combining telehealth and delivery services means that the most vulnerable of society can still maintain medical treatments without taking more risk than necessary.

Pharmacists are also available both on-sight and by phone to answer questions about new or continuing prescriptions. These brief conversations can be a life-saving measure as medications can interact with other drugs and often with over-the-counter things that a patient may be taking.

These on-sight pharmacies are happy to fill prescriptions given at the walk-in. However, they can also fill prescriptions from doctors who aren’t connected to the walk-in clinic, including specialists and a regular family physician. Combining medications into one location is more convenient, and with the rising transmission of Covid-19 variants, it’s safer.

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Bay College Clinic is a walk-in clinic capable of handling various issues from minor to mild injuries to the flu or even blood pressure monitoring. They provide both telehealth appointments as well as accept walk-ins. Bay college clinic also has an on-site pharmacy as well as the ability to handle things like X-rays and even optometry exams.

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