ShopK Affiliate Marketing Program For Beginners

December 21 14:18 2021
ShopK Affiliate Marketing Program For Beginners
ShopK Affiliate Marketing Program is one of the largest Affiliate Marketing Programs in Asia

Earning commissions from an Affiliate Marketing Program is not always difficult.

Sharing a QR code of ShoPK Online Shopping Mall to the friends on WhatsApp or to the fans on Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook etc, that is it~~

Even some influencers have 5000 fans only, or less…

Influencers  don’t have to create products or offer a service. Sounds good?

Welcome to ShopK affiliate marketing. Influencers share ShopK product’s QR code and earn the commissions from every purchase  friends or fans make.

The ShopK online shopping mall gives each affiliate a unique QR code so it can track each affiliate’s sale clearly. When someone buys the product by scanning the QR code, a percentage of the sale price will go into affiliate’s account on ShopK.

How much money can  an Affiliate make as a ShopK affiliate marketer?

No limit. It depends on the amount of work an Affiliate puts in. The most successful ShopK affiliate marketers make six or seven figures a month.

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