UTK Infrared Heating Pads’ Mega Sale for the Coming Christmas

December 24 12:24 2021
UTK Official Online Store Up To 20% Off To Celebrate Christmas For All Hot Selling Products

UTK recently launched a Mega sale for Christmas on the official online store from 12/8-12/25. Apparently you shouldn’t miss the best selling UTK heating pad – Small pro far infrared heating pad with 52pcs natural jade and 20 tourmaline stones built-in. 

Jade and other elements (such as tourmaline, germanium, or ceramics) are heated to emit FIR (far infrared) rays that penetrate the body at a depth of 5.5-6 inches. This produces benefits from the skin to the deeper areas of the body. Jade is an efficient absorber of natural infrared heat and passes it along to the body gently and smoothly.

Heated jade stones also emits negative ions, which help to counteract electromagnetic radiation put out by electronic devices such as computers, cell phones, and microwaves. Since negative ionization happens quickly with jade pads, twenty to thirty minutes may be enough to produce results.

For more benefits of infrared therapy or negative ions therapy, go visit www.utktechnology.com

Let’s learn more information about UTK small pro jade & tourmaline pad (Size: 16”*23.4”):

【 MORE EFFECTIVE INFRARED HEAT】: Natural Jade&Tourmaline keep heating stay for longer timer period, emit more negative ions with no EMF. 

【 FULL BODY VERSATILITY】: Built in Carbon fiber emit far infrared rays, deep into human skin, effective ease muscle aches. Perfect for treating sore muscles in your back, shoulder, abdomen, legs, arms, etc.


 【 FDA Certification】: UTK Far Infrared Natural Jade Heating Pad is FDA registered as Medical Device Class II, and UTK TECHNOLOGY passed FDA Audit for GMP quality system

【Smart Controller】: CE certified smart controller has a Memory Function, convenient for people to set last-time temp level, suit for all age range persons. we have 6 Temp settings and Auto-shutoff. Suitable for 110V-240V


The FIR rays emitted from jade and tourmaline stone can improve blood circulation, reduce symptoms of chronic diseases, alleviate pain, revitalize skin cells, strengthen the brain, cardiovascular system, and nervous system, and help restore muscle and joint elasticity.    


This is one of the most affordable and portable heating pads around. It lets you have the impressive deep tissue relief of an infrared heating pad anywhere you need. Its small size allows you to focus your therapy on the areas that truly need it. With its 10-foot long cord, you can position yourself wherever is most comfortable for you. This pad customizes your heat therapy experience. You can even control the temperature with a timer, so that you receive exactly the amount of heat you need. With its nifty carrying case, you can bring your pad wherever you need it to go.

That is UTK small pro jade & tourmaline heating pad – top seller, which is a great helper for diverse pains relief. You deserve to own it.

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