Dr. Rita Launches Her Signature Wellness Program To Rapidly Transform Lives

January 14 16:26 2022
The Physician’s Roadmap to Optimize the Mind, Body and Spirit

America’s Leading Health Doctor Rita McGuire, launches her new signature program titled, ‘The Ultimate Wellness Advantage Program.’ The program contains valuable information and step-by-step guidelines on optimizing the body, mind and spirit. Applicable to both men and women, the program is rich in health strategies that will radically and effectively transform lives to the next level – now and long term. 

As a Wellness Doctor and Entrepreneur, Dr. Rita is also a high-ticket coach primarily concerned with assisting men and women in developing an improved mindset, enhancing their physical appearance, cultivating good habits for sustaining finances, and discovering their purpose and passion. She believes that when people find their lanes in life and create a disciplined culture around achieving their defined goal, they will become solution-providers to others, illuminate their circle of influence, and make the world a better place. To act on this firm belief, she founded an exclusive community, www.facebook.com/groups/drrita with over 400 participants and growing, where people can express themselves and gain insights on how to live healthier.

Although renowned and highly successful, Dr. Rita did not just get to this point of success alone. She committed herself to learning and developing her coaching skills through training programs. One of such training programs was the coaching session organized by Ires Alliston, CEO Business Coach, who primarily assists women entrepreneurs, coaches, and mentors in generating $10k per month in 90 days or less using her FemCEO Method. Through the assistance of Ires Alliston as business coach, Dr. Rita was able to start her high-ticket coaching service and signature program.

The Ultimate Wellness Advantage Program is uniquely designed to serve as a map to healthy living. With the guidelines in the program, the secrets to enhancing an individual’s physical and mental state will be revealed. Apart from refining the mind, body and spirit, Dr. Rita McGuire has discovered proven methods to optimize wellness and to live a healthier lifestyle. 

“Since I discovered my path in growing a community where men and women can enjoy the benefits of good living, I have not stopped creating value for the community in the areas of physical and mental development. With my proven methods identified in the Ultimate Wellness Advantage Program, anyone can transform their mind, body, and spirit in 90 days or less,” said Dr. Rita McGuire.

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