Crypworld Coin Officially Listed on The Bittrex Platform

January 14 16:30 2022
Innovative decentralized blockchain ecosystem, Crypworld, announces the official listing of CWC on Bittrex Global, a leading US-based digital asset trading platform

The team at Crypworld is reiterating their commitment to systematically connecting economic activities in real space with the listing of Crypworld Coin (CWC) on Bittrex Global. The ecosystem, which is championed by Jeon Joon-ho, the CEO of Crypworld Korea, who appeared as a speaker at the Seoul Blockchain seminar held on November 12, offers an all-inclusive experience to all crypto enthusiasts.

We will guarantee decentralized and distributed through the CRYPWORLD Mainnet service and prepare to increase the value of net asset-related ownership and investment assets within the gold bullion standard.” – Jun-ho Chon, CEO of CRYPWORLD KOREA.

The blockchain space continues to evolve and expand, as more businesses and individuals look to leverage its immense features and functionalities. However, CrypWorld seeks to take the experience a notch higher by building a blockchain ecosystem that is easy and more convenient to use. The recent decision to list the Crypworld Coin on Bittrex Global further substantiates this claim.

Jeon Joon-ho recently spoke at the Seoul Blockchain seminar, where he highlighted the features of the new ecosystem of blockchain technology convergence. He explained the background and goal of the project, which includes overcoming the shortcomings through the combination of the P2P-based blockchain + prohibition fund standard system. The system also offers a synergy between the P2P-based blockchain and the sharing economy.

Crypworld Coin is already gaining traction across the blockchain space, with the project leader at Protocon, Jeon Myung-san, announcing on September 29 that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Metaverse platform to explore various business opportunities related to Metaverse technology with blockchain. The agreement includes creating a crypto fund, node and server operation management, mainnet operating technology, and a host of others.

Korea’s native Mainnet PROTOCON, led by Myung-san Jeon, announced it will officially operate Mainnet of the project “CRYPWORLD” applied with protocon technology. PROTOCON is a Mainnet project that has been developing original blockchain technology since May 2019, with the ability to process up to 5,000tps of data based on the Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT) method.

Crypworld is currently working on a project to build a new blockchain-based economic ecosystem by organically combining offline stores and online stores of Metaverse, establishing digital twins of real-world and metaverse. The CWC services include digital jewelry shop, Digital Pawnshop, and the metaverse.

The Crypworld Project was also recognized at the “High-Tech Awards” awards ceremony co-hosted by the High-Tech Steering Committee and the High-Tech Information Committee at the Novotel Ambassador Hotel, which discovers and encourages ICT people who have been running the company for two years despite the Corona Pandemic. Jun-ho Chon (CEO of Cryptworld) was honored for operating a gold-based platform as well as Jeon Myung-san, CEO of Social Infrastructure, in the field of blockchain original technology development.

The CrypWorld ecosystem is currently opened to forward-thinking participants, who can acquire the distributed roles and functions by staking a certain amount of CrypWorldCoin (CWC). In addition to supporting the establishment and growth of the CrypWorld ecosystem, holders can also exercise their right to vote on major democratic decision-making proposals within the ecosystem. CrypWorld also plans to open Metaverse Museum beta service in 2022, with CWG to be issued and sold, while NFT to be opened and Crypworld local available in 4 major countries.

For more information about the CrypWorld project, visit – The ecosystem also has a growing online community across social media, including TelegramTwitter, and Medium.

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