Kisma Panthier – Jn Pierre Helping Children Open a New World of Learning through MJP Academy

February 17 11:26 2022
Kisma Panthier - Jn Pierre Helping Children Open a New World of Learning through MJP Academy

A veteran teacher of 15 years, Kisma Panthier-Jn Pierre is set to launch MJP Academy, a new educational institution to nurture students and fashion their minds into sharp, well-grounded, aware individuals as they grow.

MJP Academy focuses on creating a learning environment that stimulates and nurtures students’ minds to enable them to develop a positive “I Can Do Anything” attitude to weather through life as they grow. The school is set up as a step in the right direction to improve the education system and give children the education they deserve during their formative years. 

“The formative years in any child’s learning experience are golden. In Piaget’s theory of Cognitive Development, we are enlightened about the importance of recognizing that children do not simply add more knowledge to what they already have as they get older, instead it is that there is a change in how they think about the world,” Kisma Panthier-Jn Pierre said.

The school promises stimulating classrooms to provide students from kindergarten to grade 6 with the perfect environment to thrive while offering interesting subjects like coding, goal setting, life skills, and French and Mandarin languages. Expanding the students’ minds and introducing them to a world of possibilities beyond the one they know are MJP Academy’s primary goals. Beyond regular school activities for the little students, there are also after-school services for secondary students and evening personal and professional development programs for adult professionals.

To enable the project to come to life, MJP Academy is seeking sponsorship and funding from well-meaning stakeholders passionate about quality education. They have a 2023  timeline and require a $1.5 million funding, of which $1 million has been raised so far. Kisma Panthier-Jn Pierre hopes the remaining $500,000 will be realized soon so she can bring about great change in the community and country. “We are very excited about this new venture and look forward to serving the young people of Antigua and Barbuda,” she said.

MJP Academy hopes to provide opportunities for scholarships and bursaries to students who may need such assistance. Kisma’s motivation to pursue this project was born out of her life story of overcoming abject poverty and struggle to get an education. She believes no child should have to go through the things she did, so she wants to build a school to teach the less privileged and give them an equal level of education as the privileged children. “Our students will discover important skills like collaborating in teams rather than always competing for first place. Their introduction to foreign languages and cultures will open up their curiosity to the wider world in which they exist, thus enabling them to have the mindset of infinite possibilities which are available to them,” she explained.

In five years, Kisma Panthier-Jn Pierre sees MJP Academy completely filled with kids enthusiastic about learning and developing into young conscientious people. She also hopes to keep scholarship and bursary plans sustainable by continuously seeking for funding to deliver quality education to children who need it.

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