Better Marriage Highlights the Amazing Benefits of Couple’s Therapy

March 14 15:21 2022
Better Marriage Highlights the Amazing Benefits of Couple’s Therapy
Better marriage has recently announced that they would be highlighting the upsides of couples therapy to the people of New South Wales.

March 14, 2022 – North Parramatta, New South Wales – Better Marriage, a company that empowers married couples providing them with the blueprint to a successful marriage, has recently shared some of the benefits of couples’ therapy. The company said that the move was with the aim of helping married couples find a solution that isn’t divorce especially in light of the covid-19 pandemic that saw over 50,000 Australian couples file for divorce, according to court reports.

The marriage experts started by saying that marriage therapy provides couples with a chance to see each other’s perspectives. They explained that most problems between a couple usually stem from a lack of understanding since most people tend to view their relationships through a single lens making it difficult to see other viewpoints. This, they said, only has the effect of exacerbating the argument since both people want to make their point across without necessarily taking the other person’s perspective. According to them, therapy provides a safe space where everyone gets to see the situation from the other point of view and that helps facilitate better communication.

Better Marriage also said that couple’s counselling can help provide a neutral third party that both people can talk to. They justified this by adding that in the middle of a fight, it is impossible to get one’s point across, and even when one manages to get the point across, the other person might not necessarily see it the way they want them to see it. With marriage counselling both parties get a neutral third party to listen to their problems which goes a long way in making them feel heard and understood. They further added that the therapist can effectively act as a soundboard through which the couple can bounce ideas off as they look for solutions.

The North Parramatta therapy experts concluded by saying that couples’ therapy can go a long way in helping a couple rebuild their trust in each other. They confirmed that trust is never an easy thing to regain once it’s been lost, especially with cases of infidelity, but through therapy, the couple can work out their issues and slowly be able to regain each other’s trust. They further added that couples therapy can help them come up with coping mechanisms to help them deal with certain stressful situations that would have otherwise resulted in fighting or a brutal exchange of words.

About The Company

Just like the name suggests, Better Marriage is an organization primarily focused on improving relationships between married couples. They offer modern marriage repair which produces fast and extraordinary results, unlike traditional counselling or therapy. Their mission statement is to empower a generation of married couples with the skills and knowledge to build an exceptional marriage, create a phenomenal environment for family and experience a life worth living.

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