Pro Motion Healthcare Explains the Main Causes of Neck and Upper Back Pain

March 14 15:27 2022
Pro Motion Healthcare is an award-winning team in Barrie, ON, serving the locals for more than ten years. They are highly skilled and have more than 56 years of combined experience in offering top-level care and services within the shortest time possible.

Barrie, ON – Pro Motion Healthcare, a top team in Barrie, ON, recently posted detailed information explaining the main causes of neck and upper back pain on their website. They also shared their appropriate solutions. 

According to them, poor posture is one of the common causes of neck and upper back pains. The pains usually result from hunching or leaning forward the shoulders for a long period. Office workers are the common culprit of this, and seeking the best physiotherapy Barrie has can cure it. Physiotherapy improves balance while increasing and enhancing motion and strength to alleviate pain.

They also noted strains and sprains as another common cause of neck and upper back pains. They explained that these pains occur due to a fall, engaging in contact sports, or poor posture. However, contacting a specialist who provides orthotics Barrie can help cure it. Orthotics specialists are highly skilled in chiropractic care and thus can offer the best acupuncture Barrie has. 

Apart from strains, sprains, and poor posture, the team also mentioned whiplash, cervical stenosis, myofascial pain, and kyphosis as other causes of neck and upper back pains. They pointed out that cervical stenosis is most common in over 50.

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Pro Motion Healthcare is a top team in Barrie. They have been serving the locals for more than ten years and have 56 years of combined experience offering top-level care and services. For quality care, contact them today.

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