Mixed Reality Games: The New Kid On The Bitgert Blockchain

May 23 23:42 2022


Mixed reality games (MRG) is a global game studio which is working on a number of amazing play to earn games. It was founded in 2021 by CEO Phuong and sits on the bitgert network. The superfast bitgert network was founded in 2022 and has been developed as an alternative to ETH because it is an extremely low cost network, with very low transaction fees. Comparable to Ethereum which at times can cost the user $50 per transaction, Bitgert Chain is the only blockchain which has managed to build a zero-cost blockchain. Gas fees are as low as $0.00000001 per transaction, making it the cheapest network in cryptocurrency when it comes to fees. Bitgert also has developed a BRC20/ERC20/BEP20 supported wallet on android and iOS.


The mixed reality games developers and wider team are based all across the world, and come from Canada, Australia, United States, India and Europe and have a combined 10 years experience in the gaming industry. They bring a wealth of knowledge to the platform and strive to make mixed reality games a stellar long-term NFT project. They are dedicated to developing a state-of-the-art NFT project which showcases their talents and abilities whilst also meeting the needs of avid users.

Play To Earn – Viking Clash

Currently, Mixed reality games has the game Viking Clash, which you can play either on PC or Mobile. Viking Clash is a Clash of Clan-style game with D.APP and Web 3 connectivity where you will be able to battle against other players around the world. Most of the game’s characters are named after well known cryptocurrencies, like Doge, Shiba and Floki. Players are able to exchange the native $MIR token for characters and cards. They can stake their NFTs to receive the $MIR token. There will also be other characters that will be created for NFTs which can be minted, which will generate a passive income for holders. This is still to be announced by the developers.

Players will be able to upgrade their cards/characters by spending $MIR. 5% of every transaction will be sent to a designated burn wallet and will be burned manually to reduce supply. To purchase loot boxes and NFT, users will have to pay with Brise. The funds will be used for further development of the project, 10% of all sales will go towards a charity that will be chosen by the community. This will take place every 3 months. 








Revenue Streams 

There are 5 revenue streams for MRG. These include:

Transaction fees – buy 5% sell 9% – 50% of which is allocated to the staking pool and the other 50% is allocated to the foundation

Company NFT sales – 20% transferred to the company and locked for 3 months, 50% allocated to staking pools, 10% to charity community of choice, 10% to give back to the community in prizes and 10% allocated to the foundation

Land sales (111,198 lands) 50% locked up for 12 months – then being sold in auction sales and proceeds to the flow to the company treasury

Players subscriptions and services – 35% to the foundation to support the growth of the ecosystem

Advertising revenue – 30% for the staking pools to reward token holders and 70% to the foundation

Road map

Below are the 3 phases that MRG is planning for the coming months and years:


The play to earn NFT metaverse will be richer because of Mixed Reality Games. They are creating 3 epic games which are set to set the blockchain on fire. Although the developers have been guarded about what they are working on, we know that these games will be quality games that would appeal to the most avid gamers.

Website: www.mixedrealitygames.io

Telegram: www.t.me/MixedRealityGames

Instagram: www.instagram.com/mixedrealitygames

Twitter: www.twitter.com/mixrealitygames

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