A Carrot a Day is Committed to Helping The Community Lead Healthier Lifestyles

June 20 19:45 2022
A Carrot a Day is an American company devoted to bringing top-tiered health and self-care products and edifying people to lead a healthier lifestyle.

“It is health that is the real wealth, not pieces of gold and silver,” as quoted by Mahatma Gandhi. According to the latest research supported by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, “an unhealthy lifestyle increases the risk of preventable chronic diseases,” which many people pay little attention to until it is too late.

A Carrot a Day is a US-based company that was founded by a cancer survivor, who wanted to both raise awareness of preventable diseases and present an actionable, organic solution to some of the most common health issues.

The founder of A Carrot a Day was diagnosed with Stage 2 cervical cancer in 2008, which began this brand’s founding:

“A Carrot a Day was inspired by my own cancer journey and wanting to find solutions to a variety of health problems. Taking your health goals one step at a time is what I have found to work, so as not to get too overwhelmed. It is my belief that a healthy lifestyle is an answer to many health issues. I have created this space to share ideas, recipes, conversations, and stories,” said the company’s founder.

A Carrot a Day offers a host of health-related products, encompassing a wide range of organic superfood powders, organic condiments, whole-food juices, supplements, and tea, as well as fun hats and dry brushing products. All products mentioned and/or put in the store are products that she has personally approved of, used, and/or loved.

Organic Black Raspberry Powder is the company’s fastest and best-selling product.

Another best-selling product is organic sriracha, a condiment, featuring a natural blend of organic jalapeno peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic, dates, raisins, salt, lime juice, and tangerine juice concentrates.

A Carrot a Day is also very happy to announce its new partnership with HumanX. HumanX is a supplement company that uses only clean non-toxic ingredients. No fillers. The top-selling product in this line is the Vertigone, with Artemisinin coming in a close 2nd.

A Carrot a Day also retails Organifi’s whole-food juices, offering green-loving consumers tasty power beverages that were designed to boost the immune system, lower inflammation, enhance the quality of sleep, and lower cholesterol.

For mushroom lovers and enthusiasts, the company offers two fun Fashion City bucket hats at highly approachable prices. They also sell mushroom supplements in their store.

A Carrot a Day’s catalog encompasses therapeutic-grade Boswellia Carterii, Vitality, and Sacred Frankincense.

The company’s founder had imparted that A Carrot a Day exists to supplement, encourage, and serve as a resource for people that want to empower themselves and lead healthier lifestyles.

“I believe that our bodies were made to heal themselves, and if we give them the proper foundation of nutrients and care, we will have the ability to transform our health and our lives,” said the founder of A Carrot a Day. 

A Carrot a Day’s blog features an abundance of educational, informational, and entertaining posts revolving around healthy lifestyle tips, and the tastiest green-friendly recipes, but it also touches base on other health-related topics such as gardening, cookware, re-bounding, and more.

The “Ways to Better Health through a Healthy Lymphatic System” dives deep into medicinal facts, teaching the reader how to prevent, spot, and treat damaged lymph nodes.

The Ultimate Guide to Making 7 Healthy Plant-Based Milks” is an essential vegan cookbook. Featuring seven simple, flavorful, and innovative recipes, this article was released to teach the reader how to prepare flax milk, almond milk, pumpkin seed milk, Quinoa & black rice Horchata, black sesame seed milk, hazelnut creamer, and soy chai latte.

The owner of A Carrot a Day also goes into depth on teaching readers how to set up an Organic Garden in 9 Simple Steps. This article contains invaluable information that beginner gardeners could leverage into building a healthy, lush garden with minimal resources and gardening knowledge.

More information about A Carrot a Day and the company’s catalog is available on the firm’s official website.

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