J&M Tree Service Redlands Uses Its Tree Removal Services to Clear a Road for Construction

June 21 18:57 2022

Redlands, California – J&M Tree Service Redlands was recently called by a construction company that wanted to construct one of the roads in the neighborhood. The construction company wanted the trees standing by the once used road cut down. The neighborhood had been rapidly developing. In addition, with such rapidity, there had to be more roads for accessibility in and out of town. The company had won the contract and felt it needed a hand in clearing the trees since it lacked machines that could clear the trees.

“The trees were dense, and shrubs on the road had morphed in too thick,” said the contractor. “The trees were standing in the direction that the road was to be constructed. It is a road that has been left without maintenance for years now, and after winning the contract from the government, it shows work had to start as soon as possible. Moving the graders, asphalt plants, paver, and the excavator was a daunting task. The company has never interacted with the J&M Tree Service Redlands, and the company learned about it while conducting a survey on which company offers the best tree services. Fortunately, J&M Tree Services Redlands was the most recommended.”

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The contractor noted that the work was to start immediately. The road was 5 kilometers and was covered with trees, which were overgrown and made the construction impossible. The contractor acknowledged to the company that it was not well acquainted with tree-cutting tools.

The contractor was later invited to the company’s head office for an arrangement on the cost and amount of work it needed to be done. At the same time, the field operations officer was sent to assess the trees and make a report on the possible tools that might be required to see the work finished.

Whenever other companies reach out to J&M Tree Service Redlands, they have handled them with courtesy,” said the company’s CEO. “The company is forever indebted to its customers for the reviews they often leave on Google reviews, and were it not for them, the company might not have landed the opportunity to clear the trees on the road as the company’s mission and objectives stipulate serving the customers’ interests and offering the best services. The company was more than ready to undertake the role.”

After receiving a report from the field operations officer, an agreement was reached on the charges. The contractor was informed of the charges and afterward made an upfront payment with an agreement to clear off the balance once the work was completed.

The team of professionals snailed into the construction site with every machine they would require for the clearing process, ”said the contractor. “The construction team felt honored with how J&M Tree Services Redlands kept its promise. They started by cutting bigger trees and pulling them away with the cranes. They later settled for the smaller trees and cut them down as well. The whole procedure lasted for 4 days. In addition, they offered the cut trees to the locals who received them openly. The team made the construction company’s work easier, as a bigger chunk was already dealt with.”

The construction company later started the road construction that was going to benefit the community in many ways. The road was to ease access into and out of the community without facing bottlenecks of being stuck in the traffic.

J&M Tree service Redlands plans its tree maintenance procedure from its base of operation at 1826 Orange Tree Ln, Redlands, CA 92374, United States. Homeowners can order tree maintenance services from the company via +1 909-473-4471 and [email protected]

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