International Energy & Infrastructure Project & Finance Incubator

June 22 07:00 2022

Washington, D.C. – Jun 22, 2022 – The Eastern European Institute for Trade offers a variety of infrastructure and energy niche project programs. EEIT’s focus is to accelerate American energy company access and expansion into Eastern European markets. EEIT assist in strategic commercial alliance formation, trade missions with host nation support, infrastructure project finance, international government relations, and much more. Our energy and infrastructure project and finance incubator has rapidly expanded into Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, and several other Eastern European countries for a truly turnkey solution.

The energy industry changes constantly. EEIT focuses on identifying value for the upstream, midstream, and downstream segments. A few of the solutions we offer are:

  • Turn-Key Solutions

○ The Eastern European Institute for Trade offers a full arsenal of strategies and solutions for members engaged in our Fellows programs, international business development, and trade missions.

  • Acquisition and Divestment

○ Assist companies looking to expand their existing asset base, sell properties and/or companies, find a merger candidate or undertake transactions required to diversify their portfolio. 

○ Our capital raising services provide organizations access to capital using our own unique consulting approach that gets consistent results and offers true objectivity.

  • Business Advisory

○ Advise owners, executives, board-level management, and creditors on how to stabilize performance and/or maximize income. Synthesize complex issues involved in distressed situations and develop plans that stabilize and drive change. Assess current operations and create strategies to maximize value. 

  • Market Intelligence

○ Develop studies based on changes in the marketplace and potential impacts on each market segment or individual entity.

  • Economic Development

○ Our services provide an understanding of how markets and communities are impacted. Our reports are tailored to the organization’s specific needs. Whether the focus is on pricing, capacity, supply/demand, jobs, income, demographics, taxes, or environmental issues; our reports are utilized to educate key stakeholders, regulators, the media, and the public.

  • Asset and Company Valuation

○ Follow prudent techniques to provide organizations with a clear, concise, and supportable result. 

  • Research and Publications

○ Act 13 Impact Fee Map Series, Drilled Uncompleted Well Status, Transportation Pricing, Market Trends, etc.

  • Organization Types

○ Producers, Financial Entities, Industrials, Midstream/Utilities, Law Firms, Accounting Firms, and Mineral Owners.

  • Industry Segments

○ Natural Gas, Oil, LNG (bulk and small scale), Renewable and Hydrocarbon Generation, Hydrogen, Pipelines, Mining, and Energy Environmental Justice

EEIT programs assist both American and European energy and infrastructure organizations. Our trade missions offer expedited public-private sector access to companies enrolled in our program. Our Global Expansion as a Service and International Business Development as Service programs can immediately globalize any organization within this space at an accelerated pace, and our International Government Relations solutions continuously open doors to new opportunities.

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About the Eastern European Institute for Trade:

Our mission is to act as a strategic conduit that offers commercial enterprises a dependable multi-faceted approach, and direct trajectory to accelerated trade and economic development between American organizations and our Eastern European allies. Through EEIT’s trade missions, fellows programs, trade summits, and regional economic organization and trade association partnership programs, we are continuously raising the bar for meaningful international government relations, and results-driven multinational trade strategies.​

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