Medical Visa for India & Indian Visa from Australia

July 29 23:44 2022

Medical Visa for India

All travelers to India who seek to receive medical treatment there are granted entry with the use of the Medical Visa for India, an electronic travel document. Only legitimate medical uses of this text are permitted, and an Indian medical facility must approve any treatments or operations. You will have the possibility to visit India three (3) times throughout your sixty (60) day stay in India if you obtain a medical visa.

Extensions And Validity Of Medical Visa

Medical Visa for India typically has a maximum validity of one year or until the end of the entire treatment period, whichever comes first. The patient’s visa will allow for a maximum of three entries per calendar year. It’s also important to remember that the visa’s validity period starts when it is issued, not when the applicant enters India. Patients who require their visa extended (FRRO) must provide a medical certificate to the state department and the Foreign Regional Registration Office. Their visa will be renewed for an additional year in such circumstances.

Additional visa extensions are possible. However, this time, the Ministry of Home Affairs will handle the request and grant or deny the extension based on advice from the FRRO or the relevant state governments.


Every person traveling to India on a “Medical visa” must register with the FRRO/FRO within the first 14 days of arrival. The registration procedure is the same in most nations. However, it differs a little in the subcontinent countries. For instance, foreign nationals from Pakistan and Bangladesh must register 24 hours after arriving in the country.

Indian Visa from Australia

An Indian visa from Australia has been made quick and easy by the Indian government. With the introduction of the eVisa, Australians may now apply for an Indian visa online from the convenience of their homes. An eVisa is required for electronic travel to India for Australian citizens.

Most other countries, including Australia, require a visa to enter India. It can be time-consuming and complicated to apply for a regular Indian visa from Australia. Take into account the volume of paperwork that needs to be organized, the applications that must be finished, and the embassy visits that may deter some Australians from traveling to India.

What is the processing time for an Indian visa?

A typical eVisa approval process takes two to three business days. Because of this, the minimum time before application departure is established at 4 days. The visa is valid 365 days after being obtained (1 year since its approval).

You will therefore have 365 days in which to visit India. You can only stay in India for the amount of time that is listed on your visa once you arrive. Applying for the visa two to three weeks before your trip is advised to give yourself ample time. It’s crucial to understand that the eVisa cannot be renewed or changed into another form.

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