More Research Needed To Have a Truly Informed Debate around Frenectomies, Says US Dental Provider

August 01 14:14 2022
Desert Kids Dental, a US-based pediatric dental home is weighing in on the long-standing debate in the healthcare professionals community around frenectomies.

The condition known as infant tongue-tie is a congenital abnormality that can restrict tongue movement and pose difficulties for babies to be properly breastfed as well as impair speech and swallowing. Diagnoses of this condition have more than doubled in the US and Canada in the past two decades which has ignited a debate among healthcare providers on how to best address it. In a recent statement regarding the controversy, a key spokesperson for Desert Kids Dental explained, ‘A frenectomy is a surgical procedure that helps to remove a part of the tissue connecting the base of the tongue with the bottom of the mouth. The procedure takes a couple of minutes and the recovery happens within days with high success rates. As a matter of fact, the pool of data that we do have available has shown that for example, 78% of babies in one study exhibited immediate improvements and 92% of mothers reported improvements in feeding after three months‘.

The debate is focused around whether the surgical intervention should be the mainstay of treatment for tongue-ties or whether other non-invasive methods should be deployed and tried out first. As always, each side has its own set of arguments and stands its ground. Yet, according to Desert Kids Dental who specialize in providing this type of treatment and have a successful track record, the situation is not as black and white as it is made out to be.

Continuing to explain, the spokesperson added ‘We can debate as much as we want but we need to bear in mind the implications this has on the treatment of infants and young children. Our position remains that with an accurate diagnosis, a frenectomy carried out by a trained professional, is safe and effective. We do, however, want to emphasize the importance of gathering and generating more data. There is definitely a need to build our collective pool of evidence to inform decision-making rather than basing it on opinions only and fueling a controversy that can do more harm than good‘.

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