Caramel Kitchen: A Caramel Lover’s Outlet

August 02 04:51 2022
Caramel Kitchen: A Caramel Lover's Outlet

Starting with only three copper kettles this family-owned business began manufacturing their hand-crafted caramel sauces in the state of Idaho. Caramel Kitchen started when Stephanie, a caramel lover, tried her hand at a salted caramel recipe for personal use. After she failed and burnt many batches in the process of cooking, she finally produced a caramel sauce that suited her taste.

Starting as a gift for friends, neighbors, and family during holidays, her husband Brad has encouraged her to start a caramel business. It first started on a camp stove in their kitchen, then converted their garage as their kitchen, and now moved into a manufacturing facility in Washington.

Aside from physical outlets, Caramel Kitchen online can now be visited by caramel lovers outside the area. Caramel sauces are available in 6 different variants: Salted Caramel, Bourbon Caramel, Chocolate, Cinnamon Vanilla, Espresso, and Chipotle. Pumpkin Spice is a 7th seasonal flavor.

All products of Caramel Kitchen in US are shipped through USPS or UPS and are processed within 1-5 business days upon ordering.

The Caramel Kitchen Products

Depending on what recipe will be made, the Caramel Kitchen brand offers different flavors for your tastebuds. Using simple ingredients that are free of preservatives, corn syrup, gluten, and nuts, these caramel sauces can be added to try gourmet flavors in your dishes and desserts at home.

The caramel sauces from Caramel Kitchen can be used on smoked, grilled, and roasted dishes, pastries,pies, beverages, ice cream, fruits, and breakfast meals. The base ingredients of the sauces are cane sugar, butter, heavy cream, sea salt, and vanilla extract.

Bourbon whiskey, cinnamon, chipotle chilies, and cocoa powder are also added for the other flavors which add gourmet taste to homemade dishes.

The Caramel Kitchen Shop

Women from the local Union Gospel Mission Life’s Recovery Program run the shop and help manufacture the caramel sauces. The Caramel Kitchen became a part of the restoration of the program where hardworking people contribute to the store’s teamwork and culture.

Beginning with only 20 bottles per batch at Silver Lake Mall, in beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, the shop now produces up to 88 bottles in its small batches, which are all hand-crafted with amazing flavors. Today, the Caramel Kitchen in US has partnered with Lopez Island Creamery in Washington and is now producing caramel sauces on a larger FDA-approved manufacturing facility.

What Recipes can the Caramel Sauces Be Used?

Caramel sauces have been a main part of desserts. The chocolate caramel sauce from the Caramel Kitchen brand, adds a delicious sweetness to a simple dessert such as chocolate-covered strawberries.

Cheesecakes become more flavorful with caramel sauces. The salted caramel sauce can be added to the recipe to add a caramel flavor that goes perfectly with chocolate crust.

The chipotle caramel sauce can be an absolute must-have addition to tortilla chips. It adds a flavorful sweetness and smoky spice to your chips. Partnered with mango salsa, this food can be a great snack for families and friends.

A salmon or ham can be glazed up with bourbon caramel sauce. With its Woodford bourbon whiskey as an ingredient, it brings out the perfect gourmet taste at your home.

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