Outcomes of Impactivo’s Advancing Leadership in Times of Crisis Program published in a peer reviewed journal

August 03 23:20 2022

Leadership training is extremely important for health care and social service organizations to thrive in the increasingly complex and changing environment. Leaders and managers can steer an organization to success when they are provided with the knowledge and training that they require to do so. From inspiring and communicating with employees, to planning and overseeing essential safety procedures and policies, empowering those in leadership and management roles is key for health care and social service organizations to thrive.

Impactivo, a socially driven health tech and evidence-based consultancy with a mission of transforming health systems, developed the Advancing Leadership in Times of Crisis Program to address this need under a subaward from the Health Resources and Services Administration and the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health Region 2 Public Health Training Center. This program has shown its success through multiple public health emergencies and has been successfully addressing health equity over the past five years.

The Advancing Leadership in Times of Crisis Program incorporates Ron Heifetz’s work on Adaptive Leadership and Marshall Ganz’s work on community organizing to address the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Essential Public Health Services (EPHS) and health equity. The ALTC is a contextualized and modularized training program that has been provided in different modalities in person and online.

The results published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Public Health Management and Practice highlight the key outcomes of the Advancing Leadership in Times of Crisis Program which include:

  • Spanish-language leadership training that is interactive, practical, grounded in practice, addresses health equity, and focuses on      public health crisis.

  • Emphasis on disciplines including public health practice, leadership development, health system’s research, management, public policy, and sociology to enhance the learning experience.

  • Contextualized lectures, reflection, networking activities, and practical projects.

Participants showed high levels of agreement for increased knowledge and understanding of subject matter, the applicability of concepts, clear presentation of topics, and overall satisfaction with the program. Additionally, 92% agreed that the program content is relevant to their current role.

About Impactivo

Impactivo, LLC. is an impact-driven health consulting firm committed to transforming health systems.

The company’s integrated solutions empower leaders in the health and social sector with the knowledge, resources, data, structure, and technology necessary to transform their organizations within a profitable, sustainable and high-quality patient-centered model.

Impactivo enables connections that catalyze change. ”We are your business partners in understanding the health system and empower you and your team to improve patient outcomes, demonstrate value and achieve financial success in health,” said an executive of the company.

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