International removal firm 1st Move International sees spike in overseas emigration enquiries after reopening of New Zealand borders

August 11 18:18 2022

– 1st Move International is one of the largest privately owned international removals companies in the UK.

– As of the 31st of July this year, New Zealand has fully reopened its borders to visitors after having implemented pandemic travel restrictions.

– The removals firm has now been experiencing a sharp spike in enquiries for international removals from the UK to New Zealand – around double when compared to last year this time.

For around a quarter of a century, 1st Move International has been shipping household goods and personal effects around the world. The firm is one of the largest privately owned international removals companies in the UK, with vast access to a global network of moving resources. 1st Move has reported that enquiries for international removals from the UK to New Zealand are once again beginning to increase in volume, following a reduction in these during the pandemic due to strict restrictions for travellers.

Pandemic Travel Restrictions and Emigration Enquiries

New Zealand has always been a key market for 1st Move, serving as a popular destination choice for British expats, alongside the U.S., Australia and Dubai. However, after all these countries closed their borders for travel during the pandemic, this market was quickly narrowed, resulting in much concern about the removals industry.

When travel restrictions were in place, New Zealand specifically had some of the strictest policies when it came to accepting visitors. Although it was still possible to ship to New Zealand during these restrictions, only returning New Zealand citizens were permitted to do so. Naturally, this limited the number of enquiries received by 1st Move during this time. Thankfully, earlier this year the country introduced a strategy to reopen its borders in phases.

Managing Director of 1st Move International Limited, Mike Harvey, saw the effect this had on emigration from the UK first hand. He said, “With countries limiting movement of non-citizens across their borders, and the lack of Visa applications being processed, we obviously found numbers of enquiries drop, it was a worrying time for the industry.”

The Grand Border Reopening

As of the 31st of July this year, all Visa categories are open again for applications from travellers across the globe and New Zealand has fully reopened its borders for travellers. 1st Move International reports that after the announcement was made regarding the reopening of Visa applications and borders, they experienced nearly double the emigration enquiries as compared to the same period in 2021.

Mr Harvey further comments, “We continued to ship to New Zealand throughout the pandemic, and are in a good position to continue to service this major routing for those moving from the UK as Visa applications are processed.”

“Our unique approach to shipping personal effects has meant that we were able to offer our customers fixed shipping schedules and timely departures, even during the pandemic.”

About 1st Move International

The removal firm’s model uses a unique “shrinkfast” packing and palletised shipping system, offering weekly shared container services with maximum protection and minimal handling. 1st Move professionally packs all household goods and personal belongings, loading them onto individual pallets. These are then loaded onto shipping containers in consolidation with some of the UK’s largest exporters. This method means 1st Move International offers faster sailing and arrival times as compared to other companies and further ensures minimal handling of your property by others.

This highly personal and regulated international removals service gives your belongings both protection and security, alongside the economy of a weekly shared container service.

1st Move offers a range of services including: container shipping; furniture shipping; personal effects shipping; car shipping, and student shipping.

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