TAIQ Develops Roadmap for Measuring and Sustaining Inclusive Behavior

August 18 19:15 2022
Embedding conscious inclusion into cultural DNA to drive organizational performance

TAIQ, a consulting firm that specializes in embedding conscious inclusion into cultural DNA to drive organizational performance, has developed an insightful measurement of inclusive behaviors as well as engaging reinforcement learning programs to sustain such behaviors critical to organizational success.

To-date, many organizations have focused only on measuring diversity based on the representation of different demographic groups. Such diversity figures are only a snapshot in time and do not provide insight into an organization’s ability to sustain a culture of Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Belonging (DIEB), which can fuel organizational performance. On the other hand, individual inclusive behaviors ultimately drive organizational behavior and influence how organizations look, act, and feel. Therefore, measuring and sustaining inclusive behaviors are critical to organizational performance and success.

Based on extensive research and input, the TAIQ team has addressed the challenge of measuring inclusive behaviors by developing the Think Act Interact Quotient (TAIQ) for inclusive behaviors. Within seconds after taking a ~15-minute TAIQ behavioral assessment, individuals receive a personalized heatmap and recommendations related to how they think, act, and interact along eight key behavioral dimensions which are key to inclusion. Client organizations are also provided tailored insights (including demographic-based data and analyses) as well as actionable recommendations for developing and sustaining a consciously inclusive culture.

Beyond measuring inclusive behaviors, organizations are often challenged in terms of creating lasting behavioral change. Research shows that lasting behavioral change comes from habit formation, which reinforcement learning helps to promote. While one-off workshops provide insight, reinforcement learning (which coaches individuals on living and breathing inclusive behaviors in their daily work) is critical to embedding conscious inclusion into cultural DNA.

TAIQ co-founders and former corporate executives, Betty Ng and Marlon Young, apply decades of firsthand experience leading diverse and global teams into providing practical reinforcement learning (including daily “drip learning”) to help develop and sustain inclusive behaviors that drive organizational performance. TAIQ expertly delivers engaging world-class coaching and development programs to companies of all sizes, which are committed to conscious inclusion.

More information can be found at https://www.taiqworld.com/.

About TAIQ

TAIQ embeds inclusive behaviors into cultural DNA in sustainable, perceivable, and measurable ways. TAIQ empowers people globally to Think, Act, and Interact inclusively.

Organizations leverage TAIQ’s innovative, effective, and data-driven solutions to drive performance and the bottom-line. Individuals access TAIQ’s products and services to improve their TAIQ behaviors.

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