Viral Influencers launch a platform for musicians with an investment of 80 Million € into the music industry

September 17 01:58 2022


Viral Influencers is the influencer Agency that connects well-known brands with top influencers worldwide. In the recent development, Viral Influencers has invested an estimated marketing budget of 80 million Euros to help musicians worldwide to become known through corporations with the biggest movie productions. 

The CEO of Viral Influencers Jean chevalier (@xjean.chevalierx), provides influencers worldwide a platform on his website. Now the agency wants to put another 30 million euros into artists in Greece, Germany, and other countries outside the U.S. to help them in the music industry.

After the talent agency already made international headlines about its successes in Hollywood by helping extremely gifted actors achieve the breakthrough in their acting careers, Viral Influencers now seems to be taking on musicians as well.

The U.S. is not entirely left out of the equation.

The company’s marketing strategy is to help unknown singers become quickly known through features with the world’s best-known artists, among other things, and then to market them profitably.

About the Founder jean chevalier

The Entrepreneur and founder of the world’s most successful influencer agency is a Greek multimillionaire. As an influencer, he is known for his luxurious lifestyle with an estimated fortune of 150 million euros. More than 100,000 people follow his account (@xjean.chevalierx) on Instagram.

Most recently, he was named one of the top 10 most desirable men  in Greece by Mary Ali Magazine. The Dubai-based investor has already helped many companies to succeed.

For example, his 10 million euro investment in launching an energy drink on the German market was reported internationally. 

About Viral Influencers

Jean chevalier(@xjean.chevalierx) founded Viral Influencers and transformed it into the world’s most renowned influencer advertising agency. Viral Influencers associate brands with trendy influencers all around the world. At this moment, the influencer and talent agency provides the platform to get connected and work with the greatest brands in the world.

For further details, emerging actors and musicians can visit the official website.

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