Experience the Perfect Performance of the Black Series in the Wilderness

September 17 08:51 2022

If you’ve never seen the sunset in the desert, I strongly advise you to seek it out. You’ll surely be impressed by its majesty. Arches National Park in Utah is a vast sea of red rocks. The sunlight here makes the sea full of vigor and life. It also seems like a wonderland, and its natural sandstone arches are an impressive sight. My wife Tina has long been eager to watch the sunrise and sunset in the desert. Luckily, we have a vacation, and my grandfather-in-law recently bought a Black Series HQ15 travel trailer that we could borrow. My wife and I want to get an RV very much, and the Black Series is one of our options. All in all, we decided to try out the renowned and high-performance Q15 for a trip to the desert.  

On the morning of day one, we set out in our pickup. Tina bought plenty of food, as food supplies are very important for our nights-long camping trip. Fortunately, our HQ15 trailer is equipped with a 65-litre fridge which is powered by multiple kinds of energy. It keeps our food fresh during the whole trip. My grandfather-in-law replenished our water and power supplies, and specifically explained how convenient it is to camp in the desert with this trailer equipped with large water tanks and gray tanks. After all, water is scarce in the desert. The built-in solar panels can provide additional power, and we planned to reduce camping costs by staying away from campsites. Along the way, Tina keeps waxing lyrical about her recipes over the past few days. It is immediately obvious how happy she is. 

This park is home to over 2,000 sandstone arches, all of which are accessible by car. We park our trailer beside a magnificent arch and put on our hiking outfits, ready to explore this wonderland. The hiking trail is flanked by grotesque rocks eroded by the wind and sand, and the spectacular rock arches in the distance. These natural wonders are surely amazing works of art, exquisitely designed to create associations with a world of art or another planet. Red is everywhere. The sand and rock shine red against the twilight. When we get back to the RV, night has fallen, slowly draining the desert of its dazzling red, and it’s getting colder. Equipped with diesel heating and inverter air conditioning, it warms up in no time inside the HQ15. Tina says it’s the most comfortable sleeping experience she’s had during camping trips.

When I’m setting up the outdoor kitchen of the trailer, Tina’s itching to show off her cooking skills which are her pride. She cooks pan-fried bacon chicken breasts with butter, nuts and vegetable salad, which are all delicious. Of course, these fabulous dishes can’t be cooked without the Black Series HQ15’s propane burner stove. Beer on the rocks surely can’t be absent from these fabulous moments. After dinner, I light a bonfire and listen to the crackling sounds of the burning firewood. Beside the warm bonfire, I look up at the stars shining high above like jewels, and Tina snuggles down in my arms. In this way we relish our memories of these happy moments together.

It’s a wonderful experience to wake up in a warm and comfortable RV every day, drink a cup of warm coffee and watch the rising sun dyeing everything redder. Today we’re heading to our next campsite, Devils Garden, where we will see the Landscape Arch, our favourite view. This 290-foot-long behemoth seems unaffected by gravity. There are several hiking trails ranging from two to seven miles, very suitable hiking distances. Along these trails, at least eight spectacular rock arches are visible. Tina keeps taking photos all the way along the trail, recording the magnificent landscape and natural wonders.

When the hiking is over, we go back to the trailer for a shower. The HQ15 is equipped with an instant water heater. This means that you have hot water as soon as you turn on the faucet. A hot shower after tiring hiking always makes you feel comfortable and satisfied. Today, Tina will cook inside the trailer. The indoor kitchen is as good as the outdoor kitchen. With a three-burner gas stove, microwave oven and roaster, Tina says that cooking here is as convenient as at home. With the cozy lights on the booth, we enjoy a bottle of red wine, juicy steaks and fruit salad while looking out the window. Music plays as we eat. It feels no different from being in a fancy restaurant. Tina is very satisfied with this travel trailer as it has brought us many sweet and pleasant surprises during the trip. We also love this brand even more, and we’re more confident in our choice of the Black Series.

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