KTC Consulting Introduces Credit Education and Document Processing Services

September 18 03:39 2022
This company is a luxury credit repair firm rated #1 with CCA.

KTC Consulting, a Texas-based company, introduces its credit education and document processing services. Founded by entrepreneur Miya Blue, this firm is on a mission to help individuals get their life back through constant education on rebuilding credit and more.

As a young girl, Miya was poised to become wealthy and successful. Various ideas and opportunities sparked her interests over the years. After establishing the company and focusing on its credit and finances part, the business took off and the result is KTC Consulting.

“Throughout the years of trials and tribulations of the business aspect, it became apparent that “creditworthiness” was, is, and will remain to be the key factor to obtain a successful and wealthy lifestyle. Having adequate credit has flourished our entire lifestyle and well-being. It is an awesome feeling to “need” and/or “want” something with the security that the outcome will be approved instead of denied,” Miya said.

Miya’s vision for the business is her blueprint for success and she is now using it to guide other people. Today, she applies the exact passion, knowledge, and discipline she learned from her business experience to the lives of others, helping them build a path to a solid foundation of financial wealth. “We are helping Americans out of social debt and teaching financial freedom. We want people to break poverty chains and build generational wealth. We give clients a fresh start to a debt-free and luxurious lifestyle,” Miya added.

The company offers a 5-in-1 ebook bundle package showing clients its personal dispute process, how to leverage their credit, and where to find verifiable tradeline sites. It also teaches clients how to turn credit into a second source of income, how to start a business, and how to build business credit. For more information on the company, visit https://ktcconsulting.org/.

About KTC Consulting

KTC Consulting offers credit education and document processing services. Founded by entrepreneur Miya Blue, the company seeks to close the gap between experts and those who want to better themselves in the field of personal and business finance.

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