Loren Hall Performance Introduces The Future Of Fitness Coaching And Corporate Wellness

September 21 14:33 2022

With an aim to increase workplace productivity and stop online misinformation and pseudoscience regarding health and fitness, Loren Hall Performance is now offering health and wellness coaching services from qualified and experienced trainers.

Loren Hall Performance is a new global community for health and fitness coaching delivering an array of highly comprehensive services. With their team of US based health and fitness experts boasting more than 50 years of collective experience in the field, Loren Hall Performance is bound to become a premier provider of online fitness services for individuals, corporations and business owners alike.

While the company experts are offering fitness training to people from all over the world, the Loren Hall Performance team is looking to stand out in corporate wellness.

Knowing that a one-size-fits-all health and wellness program rarely meets the requirements of employees, Loren Hall Performance offers personalized programs that are built around the needs of the company and individual employees. Their key focus is on physical health as a gateway to improving mental health, reducing stress, and improving focus in the workplace. Besides improving the wellbeing and happiness of employees, studies have demonstrated that investment in corporate wellness has tangible improvements for HR and company wide KPIs. This includes improvements to absenteeism, lower sickness levels, increased productivity, better employee recruitment, and improved retention. As well as the reputational benefits that investing in employees can have, health and wellness programs can help to reduce the significant time and financial costs attached to a high employee turnover. Furthermore, the team also offers reliable and highly integrated coaching for small business owners in the health and fitness arena, or budding fitness instructors who want to grow their practice.

A media representative for Loren Hall Performance made an official press statement “Here at Loren Hall Performance, we are highly proactive about stopping the spread of online misinformation regarding health and fitness. Wrong information can have drastic negative impacts on one’s health. Our team has joined hands to offer highly comprehensive, science-based health and fitness training that not only helps people see sustainable results, but also helps them increase productivity in the work environment as well. The knowledge of proper biomechanics of the body, can change anyone’s approach to exercise, only for the better.”

More details about Loren Hall Fitness and their complete services can be seen on the official company website at https://www.lorenhallperformance.com/.

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