NFTBOOKS advanced to the final round of the India FinTech Award 2022’s FinTech Startup of the Year competition

November 15 20:12 2022
NFTBOOKS advanced to the final round of the India FinTech Award 2022's FinTech Startup of the Year competition
The first platform to help raise the “reading culture” based on blockchain technology, built by Vietnamese people in Australia, NFTBOOKS, has been voted the TOP FinTech Startup of the Year at the India FinTech Award 2022

Having passed the rigorous evaluation rounds of the judges, NFTBOOK, a blockchain-based book publishing platform, was honoured to be in the TOP Fintech Startups of the Year at the India FinTech Award 2022.

The India FinTech Award (IFTA) is a pioneering award in India to honour the most innovative and creative ideas from businesses in the FinTech field. As a prestigious award, the IFTA previously saw startups reaching the final round all from countries known as “FinTech powerhouses” such as: UK, USA, Switzerland, Singapore, Russia, Belgium, Hong Kong, Israel.

Therefore, the appearance of NFTBOOKS at IFTA 2022 as a potential candidate has recognized the efforts and absolute determination of this startup team.

Mr. Chau Nguyen, Co-Founder of NFTBOOKS, said: “We are very honoured to receive the nomination of FinTech Startup of the Year at the India FinTech Award 2022. NFTBOOKS is growing day by day, becoming a destination where many authors and readers entrust their faith; this result is an absolute confirmation of the direction we have been following since day one.”

“And of course, to get this result, first of all, it is the contribution of the entire community, everyone in the team – who have made NFTBOOKS what it is today with their best efforts. Along with that, NFTBOOKS wishes to express its gratitude to all readers, authors, translators, and members of the community who have always supported us and served as a driving force for us to continue to improve. “


NFTBOOKS is a platform for authors to self-publish books on blockchain as NFTs; The platform helps to reach readers directly, eliminating all the middleman processes, as well as helping to reduce the price of books so that readers can access copyrighted books at the cheapest cost. In particular, NFT on the blockchain will help almost eliminate 99% of the book piracy that is very common today.

At the moment, the idea of publishing NFT-style e-books through blockchain technology of the NFTBOOKS project is unique in the world. Therefore, this platform has been gaining the attention of many “big guys” in the FinTech industry. For example, reaching an agreement to become a partner of Polygon when participating in the recent Singapore FinTech 2022 festival

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