Does growth hormone slow or accelerate aging?

November 16 10:44 2022

GH/IGF-1 decreases physiologically with age, and these changes are accompanied by fatigue, muscle atrophy, increased adipose tissue, and cognitive deterioration in the elderly…

In 1990, Rudman published a paper in the New England Journal of Medicine that shocked the medical community – “The Use of Human Growth Hormone in People Over 60 Years of Age”. Rudman selected 12 men aged 61-81 for clinical trials:

After 6 months of hGH injection, subjects had an average increase of 8.8% in muscle mass, 14.4% in fat loss, 7.11% in skin thickening, 1.6% in bone density, 19% in liver and 17% in spleen compared with the control group of other elderly people of the same age. %, it was concluded that histological changes in all subjects were 10 to 20 years younger.

This conclusion has led to the widespread promotion of recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH) as an anti-aging drug, and it is also the root cause of many people’s belief that injection of rhGH can anti-aging. Since then, many clinicians have used hGH as an anti-aging drug, although not approved by the FDA.

However, as research continues to deepen, scientists have found that the small benefits to the body of increasing the activity of the GH/IGF-1 axis do not actually prolong the lifespan of the elderly, but instead pose health risks:

Mice oversecreting GH are huge, but have a 30%-40% shorter lifespan than wild-type mice [2], and histopathological changes (glomerulosclerosis and hepatocyte proliferation) occur in mice with elevated GH levels. large) and insulin resistance.

High levels of GH stimulate the growth of muscles, bones, and internal organs, leading to gigantism (in children) and acromegaly (in adults). Adults with excess GH are often associated with diabetes and heart problems, as well as a higher risk of cancer.

GH/IGF-1 decreases


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