Enjoy Specialty Coffee Without Leaving Home with Central Bru

November 17 20:51 2022
Enjoy Specialty Coffee Without Leaving Home with Central Bru
Central Bru brewing system and coffee capsules produce the best espresso at home and at work.

Central Bru provides world-class, barista-quality specialty coffees that can be prepared at home or at work. When it comes to coffee blends, not all are created equal. Central Bru takes a unique approach, focusing entirely on serving consumers high-quality specialty coffee. The company’s specialty java is a new take on coffee, fueled by social-minded values, a respect for variety and quality, and a thriving global community of coffee lovers.

The roots of the specialty coffee movement run deep. Specialty coffee is a cross-channel, multi-cultural, gastronomical experience. By the time specialty coffee is consumed, it has passed through at least seven key steps evaluated by seven independent parties in two to four distinct parts of the world. Because specialty coffee is exclusive and unique, only a small amount of coffee fulfills the stringent criteria of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).

Modern Central Bru Brewing Systems

Central Bru believes that with the proper equipment, anybody, anywhere, at any time, can make an excellent cup of coffee. Central Bru Brewing Systems bring gourmet-quality specialty coffee, traditionally only provided by skilled baristas in the best cafés, within reach. Both the espresso brewer and milk frother were designed to provide authentic, barista-grade excellence. With the use of both tools, coffee enthusiasts can enjoy café-quality coffee at home or at work at reasonable prices.

The Espresso Brewing System, designed in France and Italy, is equipped with advanced technology and a proprietary system. It has three temperature settings and fully configurable volume controls. Temperature control is essential for delicate coffees, while volume controls make brewing uncomplicated. Central Bru’s brewing system makes quality espresso, ristretto, lungo and americanos.

The stainless-steel milk frother produces silky milk foam for cappuccinos and lattes. To complement Central Bru chocolates, it has a hot chocolate function. The milk frother has a dishwasher-safe mug and an easy-to-use button that swiftly prepares cold, warm, or hot milk foam.

Delectable Central Bru Coffee Capsules

Central Bru takes pride in the engineering of their brewing systems and the quality of their coffee capsules, which has propelled them well ahead of their competitors. Central Bru’s capsules contain world-class coffee. Each capsule is wrapped using the company’s proprietary technology, which ensures consistently high-quality espresso. Each capsule has more than 9.5 grams of SCA-rated, small-batch roasted specialty coffee for a richer, stronger espresso shot. The capsules have perforated microfilm that keeps coffee pressed and prevents channeling.

The company utilizes pre-infusion technology while extracting espresso. This prevents water from reaching points of least resistance and lets water pass through all the coffee grounds, resulting in espresso extraction that is far less bitter and more consistent.

More information can be found at www.centralbru.com.

About Central Bru

Central Bru is a family-oriented, family-run business with decades of roasting expertise that delivers the best coffee experience.

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