Reveals The Structure Of European Startup Hubs In An Exclusive Podcast

November 18 13:36 2022

Innovative resource for the German-speaking startup scene,, partners with analytics company DEEP Ecosystems, to uncover the structure of European startup hubs in the joint podcast titled “The Network of European Startup Hubs 101”

The team at recently posted a 115-page report, an exclusive, eye-opening report detailing the structure of European startup hubs with DEEP Ecosystems. The podcast “The Network of European Startup Hubs 101,” is a product of an exclusive partnership between the podcast and research company, DEEP Ecosystems, which tracks over 200 cities across Europe for their startup activity.

Europe is fast becoming a top destination for entrepreneurs and startups across industries from different parts of the world due to the amazing opportunities it offers businesses, especially with a seemingly open and wide market to explore. Over the years, researchers and publications have tried to dissect and examine the activities of startups and their impact on the European continent. However, and the team at DEEP Ecosystems, led by Thomas Kösters, are offering a unique assessment of European startup hubs from a completely different angle.

According to the findings and revelations in the report, “Europe is not full of competing startup hubs. They are increasingly forming a network for startups. The startups start at one knot in the network (frequently a university), move on to an accelerator, and end up in one of Europe’s top 12 fundraising hubs to raise funds, sometimes becoming a unicorn. On their way, the startups leave traces, like R&D capabilities, sales teams, groups, investors, and so on. So, they are not really the product of a city, but a continent with free movement.”

The Network of European Startup Hubs 101 touches on different aspects of the European startup community, being part of a broader initiative of DEEP and a quarterly podcast called “Pulse of the European Startup Ecosystem.” The Twelve Hubs Leading Europe in Fundraising, and The Network of Hubs and Their Functions, are all detailed using eye-catching easy-to-understand slides.

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