David Wong, Visionary Inventor, Shares the Benefits of Qi Coil PEMF Therapy

November 18 23:21 2022
David Wong founded the health-tech company Qi Life to develop cutting-edge technologies for evolving the ecosystem of personal wellness. He invented the revolutionary Qi Coil system to help users transform themselves with resonant, soothing sound and magnetic energy waves.

David Wong has been called the “Frequency King,” having released over 1,076 proprietary meditation frequencies, but his titles also include best-selling author, inspirational speaker, visionary entrepreneur, martial artist, and Qi Gong practitioner.  Gaining insight through many years of practicing the ancient Chinese healing art of Qi Gong and researching the science of frequency therapy, Wong developed the game-changing Qi Coil technology.

David Self-Heals with Frequency and Energy

Wong envisions a future where anyone can achieve total mind and body wellness without relying on pills or invasive procedures. He began his own transformation after self-healing from a digestive disease that doctors had declared incurable. After more than a decade of being debilitated with internal blood loss, brain fog, chronic fatigue, anxiety, and depression, Wong healed himself completely with only electromagnetic frequency therapy within 90 days.

With his newfound health, energy, motivation, and focus, he took the health and wellness industry by storm with a range of powerful wellness technologies, including several models of Qi Coils, the Resonant Wand, the Qi Coil Aura as well as a world first software-based service called QiEnergy.ai. His methods integrate ancient wisdom and modern science, offering users easy access to quality sleep, improved mood, boosted energy levels, pain management, and automated meditation.

In his book Life of Qi — The Science of Qi, Wong offers a revelation, introducing readers to the scientific research on Qi Energy over the past 100 years. Many thought leaders enjoyed the book, praising Wong’s charismatic vision of a future where frequency medicine provides a path for everyone to reach optimal wellness without pills or invasive methods. 

In addition to running his global business, David Wong is an inspirational speaker and coach, sharing knowledge about how frequency therapy can promote a person’s longevity, help maintain a youthful appearance, and optimize brain and body fitness— with boosted happiness and altered states of mind as a bonus. Wong has received numerous endorsements from a wide range of medical experts, from prominent neuroscientists to vascular surgeons praising Qi Coils for pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) effectiveness and convenience.

Frequency Medicine Backed by Science

In a study conducted on 200 subjects, the use of Wong’s specialized “quantum frequencies” and Qi Coils showed a significant reduction in stress, pain, anxiety, and depression symptoms with twice weekly use over a 30-day period. A scientific study conducted on a post-cancer patient showed a 27 percent boost to her bio-energy field after just 30 minutes of Qi Coils therapy at the head and foot. With hundreds of customers reporting to a Qi Life survey, a high percentage of users said they experienced reduced pain levels using Wong’s technology. 

“Transform Yourself One Percent a Day with Meditation Technology”

Qi Life founder David Wong speaks about the power of frequency therapy and how it can help users transform their body, mind, and spirit.

Wong said his lifelong passion is helping “other truth seekers transform one percent a day and unlock their human potential — in essence, healing and raising the resonance of the world.” After founding the Qi Life health-tech company, he now teaches about the science of non-invasive frequency therapy on TikTok and YouTube.

Learn More About David Wong

Wong currently lives in Canada and spends his free time practicing tai chi, Qi Gong meditation, and martial arts — as a third-generation Bruce Lee student — with his two dogs at the park. 

To learn more about David Wong, connect with him on TikTok and YouTube where one can deep dive into the world of Qi Energy and experience his meditation frequencies first-hand. He plans to continue championing his cause to “heal the world together” on podcasts, live streams, and speaking platforms worldwide.

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