Tetraguard Listed on Uniswap and Allows Holders to Earn Rewards

November 21 09:44 2022
Holders of Tetraguard Can Earn a 75% Quadron Bonus Through December 15

Miami, Florida – November 21, 2022 – SmartBlocks, an agency focused on the development and execution of marketing strategies for cryptocurrency technology and businesses, is pleased to announce Tetraguard (TETRA) (Tetraguard.io), the first decentralized fee producing basket of coins deployed on the Ethereum blockchain, is now listed on Uniswap. Tetraguard allows holders to earn rewards just by holding trusted cryptocurrencies, adding to its value. Contracts have been Consensys tested as well as audited for potential trading exploits and security vulnerabilities. 

The TETRA token is composed of wrapped coins including wrapped Bitcoin (BTC), wrapped PAX Gold (PAXG), ETH, and the Quadron (QUAD) token holding transaction fees and staked ETH. With the Uniswap listing, people can trade in and out of their positions comfortably, without impacting price. 

“For the first time, holders, or as the industry phrase goes HODLs, can earn rewards on their long-term Bitcoin, Ethereum and PAX Gold investments”  stated Mark Fidelman, the Founder of SmartBlocks. “They get paid every time someone buys or sells the Tetraguard DEFI basket of coins, containing Bitcoin, Ethereum, PAX Gold and QUAD fee tokens. With the promotion, buyers get a 75% boost in earning potential with added QUADs.”

This is not a solicitation to buy or sell. SmartBlocks is a token holder of the QUAD token, and Mark Fidelman is a control individual of SmartBlocks. As such that entity and individual may benefit from any price appreciation, as well as any known or unknown affiliates at this time. 


About SmartBlocks

SmartBlocks is an agency dedicated to developing and executing marketing strategies for cryptocurrency technologies and businesses. Their belief is in a world where profitable cryptocurrency investments are easy, secure, and available to everyone, regardless of social status or geolocation. By breaking down the basics of blockchain and crypto, SmartBlocks’ goal is to give the public the tools to make investing in crypto easy and fun. 

For more information visit https://www.smartblocks.agency/

About Mark Fidelman

Mark Fidelman is the founder of SmartBlocks.Agency.  Mark is a globally recognized thought leader on the subject of cryptocurrency and ecommerce.  He was a writer for Forbes and has interviewed hundreds of Global 3000 CXOs and speaks and writes regularly about how they are impacting today’s business His experience includes more than two decades of technology sales, marketing and customer experience with organizations including NFT leader WAX.io.  Mark has been named a 2017 Top 20 influencer of CMOs by Forbes Magazine, a Top 25 Social Media Keynote Speaker by Inc Magazine, and a Huffington Post Top 50 Most Social CEO.  Mark hosts the popular Cryptonized! YouTube channel atwww.youtube.com/fanaticsmedia on the hottest crypto trends.

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