Founder Of Taskworld And Fourth Generation Co-Guardian Of Massive Jewelry Empire, Mouawad, Fred Mouawad, Has Taken The Entrepreneurial Spirit To A New Level

November 22 21:48 2022
Fred Mouawad has created and maintained an impressive portfolio of companies that fall under the umbrella of Synergia One. This highly educated business owner is proving one company at a time that he has what it takes to be the face of modern entrepreneurship.

Fred Mouawad is showing the world what it takes to be an entrepreneur. This savvy businessman began his journey as a child. He was born into the Mouawad family as the fourth generation of business owners to the Mouawad dynasty. This well-known jewelry empire has been around for well over a century, and it helped build Fred Mouawad’s first interests in the business world. 

Fred Mouawad’s education and background

Fred Mouawad was born and raised in Switzerland, although he considers himself now to be a global citizen with his frequent travel and desire to see all the world has to offer. His education began early at the College du Leman boarding school. 

Following his initial education, Fred Mouawad went on to earn a BS in Business Administration from Pepperdine University and an MBA at Harvard Business School. He completed the Stanford Executive Program at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and is a Graduate Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America. 

This extensive educational background truly prepared Fred Mouawad for the incredible career he had waiting ahead of him. 

The Synergia One portfolio

Fred Mouawad has founded and taken over the management of numerous companies. He has organized these companies under the umbrella of Synergia One. This global umbrella encompasses all of the businesses he is currently responsible for. 

Companies under Synergia One include Taskworld, Mouawad, Synova, Smart Work Media, Premier Diamond Alliance, Cream and Fudge, and CI Talks. 

How Fred Mouawad keeps up his innovative spirit

Fred Mouawad lives by engaging, learning, and growing. As an active learner, he likes to take the time to step back and evaluate himself, reflecting on what he has learned and what he is currently working towards. Fred believes in pushing himself past his limit, stretching himself and working hard to take it a step further than most people would. As a leader, he understands that individuals can learn from their mistakes and believes in promoting growth by helping everyone achieve their maximum potential.

Fred believes in taking action and not fearing failure. He has built up a resilience that allows him to take risks and push forward. It isn’t just about work for him. He’s an avid cyclist in his free time and he values every chance he gets to contribute to his personal and professional goals. Learning new skills in his own life and his career are incredibly important to him as he continues to expand his knowledge and abilities.

Every chance he gets to live and experience life instead of just learning about it is an opportunity for him. He believes in balancing his life with his career and works hard to prioritize his wife and children and not lose sight of their hopes and dreams. 


Fred Mouawad isn’t the typical businessman. He is an innovative dreamer who strives to live life to its fullest in every way possible. He prioritizes those he loves without losing sight of his goals or giving up on his dreams. 

No challenge is too large for him, and no adventure will be turned down as he travels the world, learning and innovating across the globe. Fred Mouawad is just at the beginning of his adventure, and there’s so much more ahead of him. 

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